3arm ergonomic lift assist devices are the strongest, most dependable product of its kind available in the world marketplace today. 3arm can be used for assistance in assembly, deburring, off-line machining, and all types of lifting operations. Any situation in which productivity, quality, or operator fatigue and employee safety are of concern, 3arm has a solution.

  • Allows the full range of motion required to complete any task efficiently and safely.
  • Permits use of heavy tools more accurately.
  • Eliminates tool weight, providing not only an ergonomic benefit, but also increased productivity and precision.
  • Reduces operator fatigue and the chance of injury due to strain.
  • Holds any tool up to 77 lbs, keeping the tool weightless, while eliminating possible damage caused by dropping the tool.
  • A simple ergonomic solution

The weightlessness and strength to absorb considerable tool torque reaction, and the option to lock the arm in any position and movement, helps prevent operator fatigue and injury, giving them high work sensitivity and increased productivity.


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