Manual Series

Manual Series

Manual Series professional “high tech” riveters and blind rivet nut tools are destined for installation of blind rivets and threaded inserts/rivnuts.

The unique ratio of weight, size, and performance markedly distinguish them from other similar products. These riveters and blind rivet nut tools were specially developed for easier installation with timeless design and sophisticated ergonomy.

Quick Interchangeable System

Manual series nut riveters are equipped with the newly developed quick interchangeable system designed with respect to an easy exchange of mandrels without using any additional tools directly at the workplace and consequently to a substantial time-saving.

Stroke Setup

The innovative stroke setup forms an integral part of the standard tool equipment. This allows, in combination with the quick interchangeable system, an easy and quick manual resize of the tool to the required diameter.

Adjustment of the Lever Opening Angle

Manual series blind riveters are standardly equipped with a system for adjusting the opening angle of levers which is necessary for the correct setup of the tool. This enables rupturing of rivets in optimal lever position and therefore correct and even riveting especially required at structural rivets.

Easy Installation of Blind and Nut Rivets

The Manual series riveters can be used in a series production due to the new unique design of their mechanism which enables riveting with the application of the minimum force and lever length and allows a reduction of the tool weight while maintaining its high quality and durability.


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