Training & Certification

We Are More Than a Vendor.

We Are Your Industry Partner.

We have acquired a broad perspective of manufacturing solutions from decades of experience in serving; Aerospace, Agricultural, Bus, Truck & Trailer, Rail, Mining, Solar, and Heavy Construction Industries.

Educational Training

  • Theory of Fastening
  • Advanced Fastening
  • Steps to Error Proofing
  • Ergonomics
  • Quality Control
  • Industry 4.0
  • and MORE!

Product Knowledge Training

  • Fasteners
    • Lock Bolts, Structural Blind, Threaded Inserts
  • Tooling
    • DC Electric, Cordless, Pneumatic, Hydraulics
  • Software
    • Desoutter, Cleco
  • Industry Health & Safety
    • Anti-Fatigue Mats
    • Occupational Skincare


  • Boost Confidence
  • Work Faster and Smarter
  • Increase Proficiency
  • Improve Skill & Morale


  • Operators
  • Engineers
  • Quality
  • Maintenance
  • Supervisors
  • Health and Safety
  • Production Managers
  • Subject Matter Experts


  • Customized to Fit Your Needs
  • Certification to Apply to Training Requirements
  • Onsite Training
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Webinars
  • Virtual Training

Applifast Centre of Excellence

We are committed to providing you and your team with the utmost support – regardless of your location.

Our team is available for a variety of both in-person and virtual/remote needs.

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What types of training programs are offered under Applifast's Training and Certification service?

Applifast Academy offers both educational and product knowledge training. Our educational training includes topics such as theory of fastening, advanced fastening, steps to error proofing, ergonomics, quality control, and Industry 4.0. We also offer product knowledge training on lockbolts, structural blind fasteners, threaded inserts, tooling systems, anti-fatigue mats, occupational skincare, and more.

Who can benefit from these training programs and what are the key objectives?

Our clients and their entire businesses benefit from Applifast Academy training and certifications programmes. We upskill all kinds of team members including operators, engineers, quality and maintenance professionals, supervisors, health and safety officials, production managers, and subject matter experts. All our training is designed to deliver confident staff who can work faster and smarter, have increased proficiency, and who benefit from improved skills.

How is the training content tailored to meet the specific needs of different roles within an industry?

By tailoring training to meet the specific needs of different roles in your industry, the Applifast Academy Training and Certification service ensures participants receive relevant, practical, and engaging training that addresses their unique responsibilities, challenges, and requirements. Whether it’s operator training, industry-specific programs, or practical learning experiences, our Training and Certification service is committed to providing high-quality, personalized, and effective training programs that empower participants to excel in their roles and contribute to organizational success.

What certification is provided upon completion of the training, and how does it benefit the participants?

Participants will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from Applifast after the training session. This will serve as a purposeful reminder for the participant’s time, knowledge, and accomplishments. Applifast Academy is here for your training requirements and/or production expertise now and in the future.

What are the options for conducting training sessions (e.g., onsite, virtual) and how are they scheduled?

All our training and opportunities for certification can be customized to fit your needs. We can provide training onsite, through Lunch & Learns, webinars, or virtually. Contact us at 1 800 563 1293 or via email at to find out more about Applifast Academy and schedule your team’s training session.