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Applifast is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada which is situated in the centre of North America, where many OEMs reside and local manufacturing companies flourish.

For over 45 years and built by four generations of family, Applifast has made it our mission to make your job easier and your business more profitable through thoughtful consultation, industry-leading practices, and technical expertise.

Our “hands on”, common sense manner and genuine character assures companies, owners, and business partners of long-lasting value and return on investment.

About Us

Applifast is honoured to be relied on as a trusted advisor for many world-class OEMs and privately-owned companies of all sizes in varied industries throughout North America.

We are your assembly experts and service a large and diversified customer base – manufacturers of truck bodies, semi-trailers, buses, aircraft, marine/boats, agricultural equipment, electronics, transit authorities, vehicle fleets, mining, heavy equipment/construction, train transport, and all types of repair/service shops and trades companies.

Applifast continuously invests in our people, culture, systems, technology, and facilities to support our customers with a dedicated team who will vitally contribute to the overall strength, longevity, and productivity performance of your company.

Our vendors are vetted rigorously to include only the most trusted tools and fasteners from proven world-class leaders to guarantee the highest standards of quality and safety.

If “good enough” is not acceptable within your business model, Applifast is the perfect partner for you.

Applifast has compiled a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over generations that has proven invaluable to industry leaders both locally and internationally.

Why Choose Us?

“We’ve made it our mission to make your job easier and your business more profitable through thoughtful consultation, industry-leading practices, and technical expertise.”

Expert Knowledge

Over four decades of experience has given us a deep understanding of both our business and your needs. We draw on our wealth of knowledge to offer you a range of options, to develop new solutions, and to work toward your ultimate success. Our experienced team is always readily available to assist you with everything from ergonomics and safety, to up to date manufacturing technology, including Industry 4.0.

Consultative Approach

There’s nothing we care about more than your business. We want to hear about every rivet, every stud, every drill-bit, and every production process that contributes to your success. Our technical expertise combined with a “hands on”, common sense manner assures owners, management, mechanical engineers, health and safety personnel, and employees of long-lasting value and satisfaction.

Reliable Support

We don’t just help you find the right tools for the job, we provide reliable ongoing care, making sure we are there to help whenever and wherever you need it. Trained and certified employees with years of industry experience perform all service calls, maintenance, calibration, and on-site operating training. As one well-known leading global tool manufacturer stated, “Integrity and professionalism is the definition of working with Applifast. You are a world-class distributor and company.”

Quality Guaranteed

Make no mistake about it, we don’t take chances. We stand behind our words and only partner with world-class brands that are tried, tested, and true. Applifast adds real value to your brand and profitability to your bottom line. Our vendors are vetted to include only the most trusted tools and fasteners. Behind every item supplied by Applifast is a commitment to bringing users the strongest, most reliable, and intelligent fastening solution available regardless of the industry.

Trusted Advisors

Applifast is engaged in work and with industries that can be defined as high-stakes. Our relationships are deep-rooted in integrity, honesty, loyalty, and partnership. When you’re working with Applifast, you know you’re working with someone you can trust and who is invested in your success. Our trusted reputation is a testament to the quality of our inventory, the expertise of our team, and our ability to find lasting solutions that work and make a real difference for our clients.

Realize Your True Potential

Since 1974, industries have faithfully depended on Applifast to provide expertise, value, and excellence. Our team possesses the resources to advance your operation to the next level. Our experienced representatives are willing to visit your facility to review your current manufacturing processes and get an understanding of your production goals.