Industrial Health & Safety

Every year, thousands of Manitobans develop illnesses or get injured from dangerous work conditions. Prevention of illness and injury is essential in every workplace.

Employees deserve to be well cared for – their appreciation will show in higher productivity and increased morale.

We can help you ensure your workers are safe on the job with our Industrial Health and Safety solutions.

Most people think of anti-fatigue matting as just something to “make the floor softer”. Experts tell us that well-designed anti-fatigue matting can do much more. Applifast can customize and design the right solution of matting for your facility making it safer, cleaner, and more comfortable.

The Bruske broom is the ultimate sweeping tool. Absolutely perfect for heavyweight and lightweight needs, indoors or outdoors on any surface.
The Bruske Squeegee is the ultimate squeegee tool. Bruske Squeegees work well on smooth floors, grouted floors, and quarry tile.

Occupational skin irritation, frequent washing, or the harsh climates we live in, can lead to dry, rough, or chapped skin often resulting in reddening, scaling, and even bleeding. We provide a wide range of occupational skin care products to meet your skin care needs.

Remove dirt, grime, and grease quickly and effectively with our facility maintenance products like purple power. Ensure your work areas and production lines are safe and well cleaned.