Industry Leader

47 Years

of Excellence

Government Certified

Controlled Goods Program


Industry Leader

47 Years

of Excellence

Government Certified

Controlled Goods Program


Desoutter Industrial Tools

Desoutter Industrial Tools was founded in 1914 and is headquartered in France. This company manufactures both pneumatic and electric industrial assembly tools for today’s manufacturing processes. Desoutter services and products are sold through twenty business units in more than 170 countries. Desoutter Industrial Tools are specified for fields including automotive, aerospace, off-road, general, light assembly vehicles, and heavy vehicles.

Applifast works with you to eliminate cost, quality, and performance risks from your production lines. Ergonomically designed, Desoutter tools enhance safety, effectiveness and efficiency, improve human working and living conditions, and counteract adverse effects on human health and performance. Desoutter tools are readily available from Applifast throughout the Western Canadian provinces including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Applifast is an authorized service centre with certified factory trained technicians who have an in-depth understanding of today’s manufacturing technologies and processes and offer factory authorized after-sales services including warranty repairs should they arise.

Applifast’s range of Desoutter electric and pneumatic tool systems cover a wide spectrum of assembly and manufacturing processes in the motor vehicle, aerospace and general industries as well as light assembly sectors. From motor vehicles to appliances, planes to construction machines, electronics to energy – there is a Desoutter air powered and electric tool solution available from Applifast. Desoutter Industrial Tools will bring you higher productivity, reduced handling time, reduced operator fatigue, greater operator satisfaction, and budget predictability.

Some Desoutter Industrial Tools include:

Battery Assembly Tools

E-LIT Series – Battery Clutch Tools
Battery clutch tools ranging from 0.4 to 45 Nm (Newton metre) with the best ergonomics being found in the E-LIT Series. Your assembly processes can be optimized with 1 speed or 2 speeds.

B-Flex Series – Standalone Transducerized Battery Tool
These Standalone Transducerized Battery Tools are used to cover torque ranging from 1.5 to 95 Nm (Newton metre). They also come standard with one Pset or advanced with six Psets.

EABcom/EPBcom – Wireless Transducerized Battery Tool
Desoutter’s latest innovation with battery tools is this wireless transducerized battery tool. This tool can connect to four transducerized battery tools with just one CV13 Vision.

E-Pulse Battery – Battery Electric Pulse Tool
This cordless Desoutter tool will boost your flexibility, uptime, and productivity. It has a torque range of 10-25 Nm (Newton metre) and a free speed of 2350 rpm (revolutions per minute).

Electric Assembly Systems

CVI3 Range
This system is Desoutter’s new standard of value as it can tighten very efficiently and its range has the most flexibility and power. There are various tools in this range including ERP Handheld Low Torque Pistol Grip Tools, EID Inline Electric Nutrunners, CVI3 Controllers, CVI3 Accessories, CVI3 Software, and EFDE-EFDA-EFDS Fixtured Electric Spindles.

E-PULSE Electric Pulse Tools

This Desoutter tool is the first one that is a fully electric pulse tool offering complete transformation from assembling tooling that is pneumatic to being electric reaction-free. The Desoutter E-Pulse Electric Pulse Tools provide the user with full traceability and high productivity levels as it ranges in speed up to 4600 rpms. (revolutions per minute). This tool also does not give the operator any torque reaction or high maintenance costs as there are not impact systems or hydraulic units used with this tool. It provides the user with notably high return on investment in not only comfort, but reliability and simplified maintenance as well.
Other Electric Assembly Systems include: CVIR II Range, CVIXS Range, CVIL II Range, MultiCVIL II Range, CVIC II Range, ERP – High Torque Electric Nutrunners, and ERS Electric Screwdrivers.

Low Voltage Electric Screwdrivers

Desoutter Industrial Tools offers electric screwdrivers in two completed ranges which have been designed to increase productivity. These ranges include the SLBN Tools Range and the SLC Tools Range.

Pneumatic Fastening Tools

Desoutter Industrial Tools provide a wide range of pneumatic fastening tools used in the automotive and aeronautics industries including pulse tools, fastening accessories, and screwdrivers. These tools bring high levels of productivity and comfort.
Some of these tools include:
Screwdrivers shut-off in-line
Screwdrivers shut-off pistol grip
Screwdrivers non-shut-off inline
Screwdrivers non-shut off-pistol grip
Screwdrivers direct drive
Screwdrivers automatic reverse
Screwdrivers torque controlled – shut off
Angle head – shut off
Angle head – non-shut off
Angle head – direct drive
Screwdrivers shut off HLT
Screwdrivers shut off FAS
Pulse Tools

Torque Measurement Systems

Torque Wrenches
These Desoutter wrenches are a new digital wrench which integrate flexible solutions into a unique device therefore creating a solution that is both beneficial for quality and production strategy in tightening.

Torque Transducers
The Desoutter Rotary Torque Transducer DRT4 is used and has been designed to measure torque output of any assembly tool that is non-impact. There are both digital static and rotary types of torque transducers.

Data Collectors
This Desoutter tool is the new generation version of the Delta analyzer. It has a portable compact solution used to monitor various types of production tools.

Torque Testers
The Alpha D Series of torque testers is designed to collect, monitor, and check torque results from both torque wrenches and screwdrivers.

Joint Simulators
These are used to reproduce the standard conditions of power tool use in order to calibrate the tool so it is suited for the joint resilience where the tool will be used in a line application.

Solutions for Drilling Applications

The Seti-Tec Line of Desoutter’s product portfolio provides the highest level of reliability, quality, and performance used in the most intense drilling applications around the world. The Seti-Tec Line has already been and is being used by all those in the major aircraft manufacturing industry. This line of tools has been designated to highly demanding applications such as reaming, drilling, and countersinking where it is essential to have precision, repeatability, and quality.
Some other Seti-Tec products include: Pneumatic Manual Drilling Tools, Pneumatic Advanced Drilling Units (ADU), Manual Battery Solutions, Robotic Advanced Drilling Units éVo, and Electric Advanced Drilling Units éVo.

Tapping and Riveting

Some Desoutter Tapping & Riveting tools include: rivet hammers, compression tools, tappers, and deburring tools.

Pneumatic Grinders & Sanders

Desoutter Industrial Tools provides a range of pneumatic grinders and sanders including: collet grinders, grinders for depressed center discs and cut-off discs, grinders for cone wheels and type 1 wheels, collet sanders, random orbital sanders for abrasive discs, orbital sanders for abrasive sheets, sanders for abrasive discs-brushing, dust extraction systems, polishing machines, and belt sanders.

Auto Feed Drills & Tappers

Examples of Auto Feed Drills and Tappers include: AFD – Pneumatic Feed and Drive, AFDE – Pneumatic Feed, Electric Drive, AFD Control Blocks & Electrical Interfaces, and AFD Spindles.

Air Motors

A large range of rotating vane air motors in both lubrication free and stainless-steel versions. Some products include reversible, non-reversible (threaded shaft), and non-reversible (keyed shaft).

Contact Applifast to learn more about our Desoutter tools, SmartStart or PivotWare programs, services and warranties. If you have any questions regarding any of the following products, please reach out to one of our Applifast Sales and Support Professionals at 1 800 563 1293 or send us an email at [email protected]