Advanced Fastening

Manufacturing is complicated, there’s no way around that. It’s the complexity in processes, materials, components, and supply chains that drive much of the variability in quality, and have dramatic impacts on productivity, and it’s the resulting drain on profitability that incentives manufacturers to revolutionize their factories.

Advanced tooling and equipment with the ability to collect, transmit, and interpret data in real-time, is leading to previously unattainable levels of traceability and control that is enabling tools, machines, and people to communicate like never before.

This trend, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0, is giving companies far better visibility of their manufacturing applications ensuring potential problems through process control can be identified before they occur.

At Applifast, we are committed to turning Industry 4.0 into products and services that deliver maximum benefit to our customers and partners. From reduced downtimes to more flexible production processes with lower costs, Industry 4.0 has the potential to transform the performance of your manufacturing operation.

We can help you join Industry 4.0.

Canada is home to many aerospace companies and Applifast works with OEMs and MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul). We specialize in torque fastening and precision drilling. Engineers rely on our expertise in automatic drilling, reaming, countersinking, or our knowledge with multi drills that are modular, flexible, lightweight, and robust for any environment.

We specialize in fastening tools for assembly lines that offer digital connectivity, tightening, controlling, or measuring torque that is imperative for production efficiency and quality control. We have acquired a broad perspective of assembly solutions from decades of experience in serving: Aerospace, Agricultural, Bus, Truck & Trailer, Rail, Mining, Solar, and Heavy Construction Industries. Our experts will work directly with you to optimize your process, raise your productivity, and customize a solution that is right for your application.

Factories, production lines, and manufacturing plants all use a multitude of fasteners and assembly systems. They all require some measurement of torque. For years, torque has been the standard by which the strength of a joint was measured. This is flawed thinking that can lead to long-term issues for your output quality. Increased torque does not equal a stronger joint. Most joints today are either critical or safety critical and require accurate clamp load. We have tooling that will measure, test, audit, and calibrate.

Tell us about the manufacturing pains or the challenges you are experiencing so we can develop a comprehensive solution that meets your needs. We can customize using single spindle, multi spindles, manual, or automatic fastening solutions. Applifast specializes in torque reaction arms, torque tubes, and assembly tightening positioning systems. With Industry 4.0 upon us, we can synergize your assembly process throughout the plant with smart tools and software. Our strategies and flexible solutions increase your production efficiencies and quality while keeping your overall costs down.