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Benefit from expert advice to streamline your production process.

Fastening and Tooling Specialists

Applifast’s Woodstock location in southwestern Ontario is strategically positioned to offer rapid support to our manufacturing and assembly customers in Ontario and Eastern Canada.

Customers in manufacturing, commercial, and industrial sectors across many industries trust Applifast to enhance product design, streamline assembly lines, and deliver high quality fastener and tooling solutions that make a real difference to their production processes.

Our fastening products and expertise are at work every day in the production of truck bodies, semi-trailers, buses and coaches, RVs, aircraft, boats, agricultural equipment, fleet vehicles, rail transport, mining, construction equipment, and more.

We’ve also developed lasting partnerships with all types of OEMs, dealerships, repair/service shops and commercial trades companies across Canada.

High-Quality Fasteners and Tooling for Every Manufacturing Process

Threaded inserts, structural fasteners, lockbolts, blind rivets, installation tooling – whatever your fastening needs and challenges, we have the products and expertise to help.

You can count on Applifast to deliver superior fastening expertise, complete with documented shear and tensile strengths, for an unmatched, vibration-resistant fastening solution that is safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

Why Choose Applifast for Your Fastening Systems?

We’ll help you find the right tools and fasteners for your job, provide tool service, and problem-solve your production and assembly processes.

We draw on our wealth of knowledge to offer you a range of options, to develop new solutions, and to work toward your ultimate success. Our experienced team is always readily available to assist you with everything from ergonomics and safety, to up to date manufacturing technology.

Our Track Record of Quality and Reliability is Second to None.

We’re not just another vendor, we are your Industry Partner, with decades of experience and practical strategies to increase your efficiency and productivity.

Manufacturing engineers and production managers rely on our in-depth knowledge of threaded inserts, structural fasteners, lockbolts, blind rivets, installation tooling, and advanced fastening systems.


What types of fasteners and tooling does Applifast offer in Ontario?

The Applifast Woodstock location provides a diverse range of fasteners and installation tooling including structural blind fasteners, blind rivets, threaded inserts, lockbolts, material finishing tools, fastening tools, hand tools, advanced fastening systems and much more.

Contact our team for assistance on choosing the correct fasteners and installation tooling for your specific application so you can fasten with confidence!

Can Applifast provide custom fastening solutions for my Ontario business?

Yes! We’re the experts in customized solutions and problem-solving to improve manufacturing and assembly processes.

How does Applifast ensure the quality of its products and services in Ontario?

We give all our customers the Applifast Assurance promise. This guarantees you will benefit from:

Expert Knowledge: we know what we are talking about
Quality Products: we stand behind our industry global brands
Competitive Pricing: we understand the importance of value, budget, and deadlines
Reliable Service and Support: you can rely on us to do what we do best: help you Trusted Advisors: the Applifast name represents integrity and dependability

Does Applifast offer training and support in Ontario?

Applifast offers a variety of training programs both in-person and virtually.

Find out more about Applifast Academy training here or contact our trusted advisors to discuss which training program would be best fit for you.

How can I get in touch with Applifast's Woodstock location for inquiries and orders?

Our team can be reached by phone at 1 800 563 1293 or via email at

Please feel free to get in touch – our team is happy to help!

Want to visit our facility? Our office is located at:

Unit 5 – 1249 Seagrave Road
Woodstock, ON
N4T 0A8 Canada

Please book a time by contacting us prior to visiting as our Woodstock location is open by appointment only. Thank you!

“We’ve made it our mission to make your job
easier and your business more profitable
through thoughtful consultation, industry-
leading practices, and technical expertise.”

Ross MacKinnon, Founder & Chairman of the Board