We start at above and beyond. 

We will help you find the right tools and fasteners for your job, provide tool service, and problem-solve your assembly practices.

Nothing left to chance.

With our diverse range of advanced drilling tools, cutting, material finishing, drilling, fastening, hand tools, and tool accessories we can accommodate your specifications.

We’re in Eastern Canada!

Our new location in Woodstock, Ontario will help us better serve our customers in Eastern Canada.

We’re invested in your success.

Our fastening expertise is relied on by many industries from coast to coast to coast. Let us show you the optimal answers for your production needs.

Manufacturing Challenges?

We provide manufacturing expertise - from fasteners and tooling to work flow automation and data collection.

Shop online anytime, anywhere.

Our shop offers a wide range of fasteners, tools, and industrial health and safety products for a convenient shopping experience across Canada.

Tool service you can count on.

Not only do we provide the right tools and fasteners for your applications, we provide reliable ongoing support and care.

We’re turning 50!

Applifast is excited to celebrate half a century this year. Thank you to our great team and clients who have got us here - cheers to many more!

Fastening Specialists

Applifast is a leading supplier of high-quality industrial tools and fasteners for a diverse range of manufacturing, industrial, and commercial applications.

Established in 1974, we offer 50 years of fastening expertise that supports our customers in streamlining and enhancing their manufacturing and assembly processes.

From fastener and rivet selection through to assembly line troubleshooting and tool servicing, we’re your partner for better fastening now, and in the future.

We Make Manufacturing Better

Since 1974, we’ve been partnering with OEMs in many industries to provide precision fastening and reliable tooling services. Our fasteners and tooling systems are used in the manufacturing of truck bodies, semi trailers, buses and coaches, RVs, aircraft, boats, agricultural equipment, fleet vehicles, rail building, construction vehicles, and more.

We invest in innovation and research to ensure we consistently deliver cost-effective solutions and have built lasting partnerships with OEMs, repair/service shops, and commercial trades companies.

Powered by Partnerships

We’re proud to be a vendor of industry leading fastener and tooling brands including Huck, Desoutter, Air Power, Stanley, and more, several of whom have granted us exclusive distribution rights in Canada.

These partnerships are based on mutual respect and trust – we vet all our brands to make sure they meet our exacting standards on quality, performance, and compliance as well as environment and ethics.

Stronger Together

When ‘good enough’ isn’t enough, you need Applifast.

We’re more than just a supplier – we’re an Industry Partner you can trust to unlock efficiency, productivity, and superior quality in your manufacturing and assembly processes.

Our in-depth knowledge of fastening technology including threaded inserts, structural fasteners, lockbolts, blind rivets, installation tooling, and advanced fastening systems are trusted by manufacturing engineers and production managers across a wide range of industries.

We serve customers across Canada from our Head Office in Winnipeg and our newest office in Southwestern Ontario.

Our online store offers convenient shopping with in-stock products and rapid, coast to coast shipping across Canada.

Whether you’re looking for training on the theory of fastening, quality control, or product knowledge, our trusted advisors are ready to help!

What Our Partners Say

Let’s Streamline Your Success

From industrial fasteners and tooling solutions and workflow automation to data collection, our business is all about improving yours.

Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can make your manufacturing process better.


What range of fastening solutions does Applifast offer?

We specialize in providing a comprehensive range of fastening solutions catering to various industries and applications. Some of the fastening solutions include rivets, fasteners, threaded inserts, power tools, abrasives, cutting tools, and specialized advanced fastening systems.

Which industries does Applifast serve?

We serve a wide range of industries due to the extensive need for fastening solutions across various sectors. Some industries we serve include manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, agriculture, energy, and transportation such as truck and trailer, automotive, rail, bus/coach, and aerospace.

Can I get technical support and advice on fastening solutions from Applifast?

Yes, our trusted advisors provide on-site support, training programs, and a wide range of online literature and resources to enhance the overall customer experience.

How does Applifast ensure the quality of its products and services?

Ensuring the quality of products and services is crucial to us especially in the fastening industry where reliability and performance are paramount. There are many ways we ensure the quality of our products and services including quality assurance processes, vendor evaluation and selection, product testing and validation, compliance with quality standards and regulations, and customer feedback.

Can I request a product catalogue or a consultation?

Yes, you can request a detailed product catalogue and can also arrange for a consultation for more tailored fastening solutions.