AirPower Series

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AirPower Series

AirPower Series pneudraulic blind riveting and threaded insert tools from Applifast are distinguished from other riveters by a streamlined, ergonomic design allowing easy setup and are constructed for continuous reliable use in demanding production conditions. The high-tech pneumatic-hydraulic riveters for blind rivets, riveting bolts, and inserts are specially designed for heavy-duty use in industry.

AirPower Pneudraulic Blind Riveting Tools

  • The multi-functional trigger has low action for hours of comfortable use with one or two fingers.
  • The integral mandrel collection system holds the rivet in the nose piece even when working ‘face-down’.
  • A 360° revolving air inlet accommodates right or left-handed users and can be rotated to access tight fastening locations in any position.
  • A composite body reduces the weight of the tool and also prevents scratching to assembly materials.

AirPower Pneudraulic Threaded Insert Installation Tools

  • An integrated 360° rotating air inlet accommodates right or left-handed operation in tight fastening locations.
  • The spin-pull-spin feature saves time and money with fast, semi-automated fastener installation.
  • A quick, interchangeable mandrel system makes changing mandrel sizes easy and efficient without using additional tools.
  • The ergonomic trigger can be actioned with one or two fingers for hours of comfortable use.
  • A composite body reduces the weight of the tool and prevents scratching of assembly materials.
  • The unique ratio between weight and ergonomics allows for continuous performance in demanding industrial conditions.

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