Marson® is a leading brand of rivets and rivet nuts for manufacturers and OEM-quality repair facilities.

The Marson brand from Howmet Fastening Systems offers a full line of blind rivets in a wide variety of materials, including open-end, closed-end, multi-grip, and plastic rivets.

From hand-riveters to heavy-duty pneumatic tooling, Marson has the right tool for the job. Marson provides a complete range of high-quality manual and pneumatic installation tools. Marson also offers an extensive array of rivet nuts and thread inserts which provide efficient and cost-effective methods for permanently replacing threads in thin materials.

With nine specialty rivets and three distinct head styles, the Marson line of blind rivets accommodates almost any application where rivets are used to join two or more pieces of material of varying thicknesses.

Benefits of Marson blind rivets include:

  • High grip strength with no surface distortion or marred surfaces
  • Low-profile heads
  • High shear and tensile strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to tempering and vibration

Available in a wide array of materials and grip ranges, Marson blind rivets are the fastener of choice for a broad range of general consumer and industrial applications.


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