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47 Years

of Excellence

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Industry Leader

47 Years

of Excellence

Government Certified

Controlled Goods Program


Truck and Trailer Industry Repair Tools

Applifast is the Master Distributor of Avdel, POP, and Huck® Fastening Systems

The Truck and Trailer Industry is a Vital Part of the North American Economy

Not only is the truck and trailer industry a vital part of the North American economy, it plays a critical role providing services for industries in Manitoba such as manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and wholesale/retail trade. In fact, within Manitoba, 95% of merchandise transported is reliant on trucks, and in the United States, 80% of merchandise trade from Manitoba is shipped by truck. The Manitoba truck/trailer sector showcases some of Canada’s leaders in grain and gravel trailer manufacturing, truck body and box fabricators, collision repair facilities, truck modification including day-cab conversions, and food truck outfitters. Applifast ships its tooling and fastening solutions all over Canada and the United States to a large range of industries and manufacturers including aluminum and steel hopper trailers such as tri-axle, super B, and tandem. Applifast is also an authorized service centre with certified factory trained technicians who have an in-depth understanding of today’s manufacturing technologies and processes and offer factory authorized after-sales services including warranty repairs should they arise.

Applifast is a Canadian Master Distributor of Huck®, Avdel, and POP

Whatever your truck or trailer need is, Applifast has got you covered offering a wide range of name-brand solutions for any type or configuration of truck or trailer such as but not limited to aluminum and steel flatbed drop decks, trailers, b-trains, hoppers, flats, scissor neck, dump, walking floor, and low beds. Applifast is a senior Canadian Master Distributor for all major OEM heavy duty truck/trailer rivets and installation tools including Huck® (Arconic Fastening Systems), Avdel, and POP.

Applifast is Your Answer for Any Huck® Tooling and Fastening Solution

Applifast provides the answer for all your truck and trailer riveting needs. Blind rivets are a frequently used fastening solution in the truck and trailer industry during exhaust pipe fastening processes and are found to be included in truck dashboards, cabs, and doors as well. Huck® has been leading the truck and trailer industry with the most cutting-edge structural rivets, blind bolts, and lockbolts for more then thirty years. Huck blind fasteners have extremely high shear and tensile strength and have proven themselves time and time again in the most intensely demanding environments, such as those in the truck and trailer industry. Huck structural blind fasteners come in many varieties including FloorTight®, Magna-Grip®, C6L®, BOM®, Auto-Bulb®, Magna-Bulb®, HuckLok®, Magna-Tite®, Magna-Lok®, and Structural Q-Lok. The exclusive FloorTight blind rivet provides superior strength and vibration resistance, which adds to the life and durability of any trailer floor such as those on super B, tandem, drop frame, and quad wagon logger trailers. The Huck Floortight fastener is an ideal choice as it never will be under-torqued or over-torqued. Installation of Huck Floortight fasteners is always consistent and reliable every time, a greatly and superior varying result than standard self-threading screws which are easily under-torqued or over-torqued. Huck Floortight blind fasteners eliminate dimples in metals, are self-countersinking, and are an exceptional fastener for wood to metal applications, such as ply metal and plywood. From trailer subframe assemblies to truck shock mount installations, Huck fasteners from Applifast bring any user, such as those in the truck and trailer industry, better value, longer life, and less maintenance required in their product manufacturing, assembling, or refurbishing.

Huck® Fasteners Never Come Loose

Huck® fasteners never come loose even in the most extreme and demanding environments, such as on aluminum and steel flatbed trailers. Standard nuts and bolts are often found to vibrate intensely when installed, but this is not the case with Huck fasteners as they install quickly without causing the operator to feel any impacts or torque on their hands or arms. Duplication of Huck blind fasteners is impossible as many manufacturers have proven in trying to copy the design. The consistency and strength of Huck fasteners cannot be overtaken as their unique features have so many benefits. The primary uses of Huck fasteners are found in the transport industry whether trucks and trailers, trains, buses, coaches, or tractors, but no matter what type of fastener or rivet you need, Applifast will specify the exact style to use in your application.

Consistency and Simplicity with Huck Magna-Grip® and Huck C6L® Fasteners

Huck Magna-Grip® fasteners ensure secure installation no matter if they are used in heavy duty or light applications. Each diameter type of the Huck Magna-Grip, whether 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, or 3/8”, provides a multi-thickness capability and will break flush every time. Using Huck Magna-Grips brings any user clean installations no matter what type of assembly thickness. Absolute vibration resistance is ensured with Huck Magna-Grips as they have an exclusive locking-groove design, consistent clamp force, and extreme tensile and shear strength. No matter how demanding the application is, Huck Magna-Grips cannot come loose, therefore reducing rework and warranty claims, in turn providing any user long-term savings and increased customer satisfaction. The success of the Huck Magna-Grip, such as that found in the truck and trailer industry, is not dependent on the tool being correctly calibrated or how skilled the worker. Magna-Grip fasteners install in seconds and only require a quick glance to verify installation has been completed correctly. Watch this video to learn more about Huck Magna-Grip fasteners from Applifast. Huck C6L® fasteners are choice for applications requiring strong vibration resistance. The Huck C6L fastener has a unique six-groove locking fastener design which resist vibration, ensuring a permanent fit every time. As Huck C6L fasteners have such superior fastening performance, they are ideal for applications ranging from general manufacturing to those with high-vibration such as trailer and container assembly and transit/rail cars. Huck C6L fasteners have such superior fastening performance, they are ideal for applications ranging from general manufacturing to those with high-vibration such as trailer and container assembly and transit/rail cars. Huck C6L fasteners do not only bring exceptional performance, but reduce installation and labour costs as well as warranty and rework expenses. The need for hiring certified welders is eliminated as using Huck C6L fasteners is foolproof and workers can be instructed how to install them in just a few minutes. Whether steel, stainless steel, aluminum, 3/16”, or 1/4″, Applifast has many sizes and materials of Huck C6L fasteners in stock waiting to be shipped. Let Applifast show you how Huck C6L fasteners bring much more strength, simplicity, and durability than any other welding, adhesive, or standard threaded fastening system. Watch this video to learn more.

Leading Durability in Huck® Lockbolt Bobtails®

Huck® Lockbolt Bobtails® are quiet, low-maintenance, and lightweight fasteners, a perfect choice for the truck and trailer industry. The Huck Bobtail® has very high fatigue strength as the service load is expanded over a cross sectional area, making it much stronger than the average bolt. The main reason for this extreme strength is because the thread form of the Bobtail is much shallower than the thread form of a conventional bolt. Stress concentration is reduced in large amounts on Huck Bobtail fasteners as the root radius of the thread form is much larger in comparison with a standard bolt. The Huck Lockbolt Bobtail does not have a pintail, resulting in zero pin break. This then means there is no excess material needing to be disposed of or that could cause corrosion. Huck Bobtail Lockbolts provide extraordinary structural strength and industry leading durability for critical subframe to chassis assemblies. Huck grain chute Bobtail Lockbolts are stainless steel fasteners with a polished head that keeps chute seams tight, eliminating lost product. Cross members provide significant structural support, and when fastened with the Huck Bobtail, the support will be as strong as possible. The Huck Lockbolt Bobtail’s high structural strength and proven durability will lead to many years of service for your trailer.  Watch the following video to learn more about Huck Lockbolt Bobtail fasteners from Applifast.

Shear Capacity, Tensile Force, and Extreme Strength? Solutions Guaranteed with More of Applifast’s Huck® Products

The Huck BOM® fastener demonstrates extreme strength in many structural applications. The Huck BOM’s (Blind Oversized Mechanically locked) combination of high shear capacity and tensile force ensures the long-term integrity of this critical joint. This fastener can perform the amount of work equivalent to four standard fasteners. As it is so strong, it is ideal for use in many structural applications, such as in the construction of impact end, tridem clam, tridem cross, rock, belly/bottom, live bottom, and side dump trailers. Applifast also supplies Huck Magna-Lok® fasteners which are adaptable, hole filling fasteners that install accurately just with the use of standard installation tools. The solid circle-lock and large grip range features of the Magna-Lok ensures quick and sure installation, while its moisture and vibration resistant characteristics help guarantee the joint will stay put for the life of the trailer. Huck Magna-Lok fasteners bring powerful tensile and shear strength with a high level of resistance to joint failure therefore decreasing weight and production time for any user. The Huck Structural Q-Lok blind rivet delivers double the grip range when compared to conventional Q-Lok rivets. Huck Structural Q-Lok rivets have an exclusive circle-lock ensuring there is 100% accurate installation every time, even when installed just with standard installation tools. Huck Structural Q-Lok fasteners are also uniquely engineered so the locking mechanism is in the fastener itself, therefore removing any operator and tooling errors. Huck Auto-Bulb® fasteners from Applifast are the perfect solution for any high-speed automated assembly. The stainless-steel Auto-Bulb has an exclusive level of corrosion resistance, designed to withstand frequent acid washing. Its superior blind side bulbing action is exemplary for installation within thin materials, and oversized, misaligned, or slotted holes. Huck Auto-Bulb fasteners have extreme bearing strength on the blind side and install very quickly as they are designed with a lead-in point. The structural integrity of Huck Auto-Bulb fasteners always remains intact as it has unique mechanical bolt retention, unmatched installation speed, and leading-edge vibration resistance making for easy installation.

Applifast Has Trusted and Provided Avdel for Decades

Avdel has been providing world-class blind fastening systems for seventy-five years and Applifast has been supplying Avdel for decades. Avdel is a trusted and reliable brand offering a wide range of blind fasteners and tooling solutions. For practically every assembly requirement, an Avdel tool and fastener solution is available to exceed any expectations. Applifast supplies a vast array of innovative fastening solutions from Avdel including blind fasteners, speed fasteners, lockbolts, self-piercing rivets, and threaded inserts.

Avdel Blind Fasteners Bring High-Performance Strength

Avdel blind, or breakstem fasteners have high performance strength with joints that are vibration resistant, have a multi grip capability, and offer many more benefits compared to the standard system of mechanical assembly. These Avdel fasteners can be used in multiple fastening applications to fasten various materials such as brittle, thin, and soft plastics and metals. Avdel breakstem fasteners are designed to bring any user a fastener with the highest quality standards that resist the most demanding and tough environments.

Exceptional Versatility and Simplicity Found in Avdel NeoSpeed and Avdel Self-Piercing Rivets

The speed fastening systems from Avdel can be used in the assembly of composite materials, plastics, metals, as well as electronic components in large, medium, and small batch processes and continuous production lines. The Avdel NeoSpeed, for example, is a versatile and extremely strong speed fastening system delivering a throughput of up to four times larger than standard breakstem or threaded fasteners. The Avdel NeoSpeed has a multi-grip capability and just one Avdel NeoSpeed rivet can be used in place of several conventional grip fasteners. Avdel speed fastening systems create decreased assembly costs, higher levels of production, and less amounts of rework as well as other costs. Watch the following video to learn more about Avdel NeoSpeed from Applifast. Avdel self-piercing rivets are the ideal choice for joining unlike materials, therefore eradicating the need for hole insertion and alignment. The truck and trailer manufacturing process is made much simpler as the installation of this fastening solution is quiet, clean (no sparks or fumes), and is straightforward for the operator, a greatly varying benefit from conventional fastening solutions. Avdel speed fastening systems create decreased assembly costs, higher levels of production, and less amounts of rework as well as other costs making for an ideal choice in the truck and trailer industry.

Quality and Reliability with Avdel Monobolt and Avdel Avex

Avdel Monobolts bring safety and performance to any heavy-duty application, such as those in the truck and trailer industry. Avdel Monobolts are multi-grip structural rivets that have a locked stem as well as a positive hole fill for use in intense applications. Applifast supplies an extensive range of Avdel Monobolts whether aluminum, steel, or stainless steel, nose tips, or tooling needs, there is a solution on hand for every customer demand. Avdel Monobolts have extremely high tensile and shear strength no matter if they are 3/16” or 1/4” diameter. In fact, Avdel Monobolts are so strong, they eliminate sheet movement found with non-standard holes, have the capability of closing large gaps, and override any oversized, slotted, misaligned, or irregular holes. Avdel Monobolts have visible locks which makes inspection quick and easy for any installer. Avdel Monobolts have fully sealed joints that are vibration resistant and do not have loose stems in turn eradicating any rattling, making them an ideal choice for any trailer such as jeeps, boosters, and crane dollies. Avdel Avex rivets are a multi-grip, aluminum, or steel fastener with high level reliability and quality ideally used in thin sheet materials as they have an extensive blindside bearing area. Avdel Avex fasteners have proven themselves of through many years of use in many industries, manufacturing processes, and other applications. These fasteners have many benefits including a retained stem, can be used by a wide range of installation tools, and just one Avdel Avex rivet, such as the Avex 1661, can replace multiple standard grip fasteners. Avdel Avex fasteners are also used to fasten a wide range of materials including plastic to plastic, metal to metal, and metal to plastic for many industries such as commercial vehicles and automotive.

POP Rivets – The Solution to Demanding Truck and Trailer Environments

Not only are POP tooling and fastening solutions trusted by Applifast, manufacturers globally have high confidence in them. POP rivets not only meet, but exceed the demands of manufacturing and assembly processes as they have many advantages such as how blind rivets can be installed without the need for the back of the piece to be accessed. POP Grip Tite Rivets, for example, are exceptional for high demanding environments such as the truck and trailer industry as they have extreme ductile strength and waterproof tight seals.

More Than 40 Years of Brand Name Excellence

Our 40+ years of supplying only recognized industry name-brand fasteners and encompassing Applifast’s understanding of marketplace specifications has firmly established long-term relationships and entrenched a deep loyalty of many OEMs, truck/trailer dealerships, authorized repair centres, corporate and private fleet owners, and collision repair facilities locally, provincially, and nationally. Applifast’s vast array of inventory and know-how for production assembly and repair work is readily available to you at 1 800 563 1293 or your inquiry can be sent by email to [email protected].

Safety, simplicity, speed, cost-savings, and structural integrity are five strong reasons why HuckBolts from Applifast are superior to welding, proven for over 30 years of vibration-resistant performance in the brutal trucking and rail industries.
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