Industry Leader

45 Years

of Excellence

Government Certified

Controlled Goods Program


Industry Leader

45 Years

of Excellence

Government Certified

Controlled Goods Program

Agriculture Industry

Quality, Productivity, and Versatility in Farming Fabrication, Manufacturing, and Repair with Torque Management and Desoutter, Apex/Cleco, POP, Avdel, and Huck Fastening Systems

Product Innovation and Technological Advancements

“Made in Manitoba” from the agriculture industry can be found in over fifty countries worldwide. Manufacturers of harvesting equipment, grain handling technology, and farm machinery, such as tractors, extensively contribute to the rapid growth in Canadian technology exports and agribusiness manufacturing. In fact, 12% of the primary agribusiness production found in Canada every year is in Manitoba. Product innovation and new technological developments in farming has manufacturers striving to meet the ever-increasing needs of the producers as they diversify their farming operation. Manufacturing engineers consistently and continuously include Applifast at the research and development stage through to final assembly for tooling and fastener expertise. Quality critical and safety critical fastening solutions and assembly tool management programs from Applifast ensure improved manufacturing processes through our attention to detail and uncompromising focus on efficiency, productivity, and overall customer satisfaction.

Enhance Safety, Effectiveness, and Efficiency with Desoutter Industrial Tool Systems

Desoutter tools from Applifast work with you to eliminate cost, quality, and performance risks from any production line. Ergonomically designed, Desoutter work systems enhance safety, effectiveness and efficiency, improve human working and living conditions, and counteract adverse effects on human health and performance. Applifast’s range of Desoutter’s electric and pneumatic tool systems covers a wide spectrum of assembly and manufacturing processes in many industries, including agriculture.

The ability to control feed rate and thrust is provided with the Desoutter Hydraulic Controlled Unit (HCU) despite the skill level of the operator. Hand drilling operations are complex due to diverse amounts of materials, but the range of Desoutter Tools reduces breakout burrs, excessive cutter wear, delamination, and eliminates damage to costly materials as well as labour costs to repair or replace the structure. Prevention from overloading the cutter and prevention from stress placed on the material in the drilling application is also found with the Desoutter Hydraulic Controlled Unit (HCU) as it has a controlled cut.

The Desoutter PivotWare has delivered mission critical applications to the process control and the mistake proofing industry for more than a decade. Innovative solutions are provided for many manufacturers in various industries through the PivotWare process control systems. This tool is able to test equipment, scanners, or printers and can easily integrate tools. Desoutter PivotWare allows any user to keep their product quality under control and identify assembly errors immediately. Watch this video to learn more about Desoutter PivotWare process control systems from Applifast.

The Desoutter E-Pulse Electric Pulse Tool is the first Desoutter tool that is a fully electric pulse tool offering complete transformation from assembling pneumatic tooling to being electric reaction-free. This Desoutter tool provides the user with full traceability and high productivity levels as it ranges in speed up to 4600 revolutions per minute. This tool also does not give the operator any torque reaction or high maintenance costs as there are not impact systems or hydraulic units used. The Desoutter E-Pulse Electric Pulse Tool provides the user with notably high return on investment in not only comfort, but reliability and simplified maintenance as well.  

Improved Quality and Increased Productivity with Crane Torque Management

Crane Torque Management solutions are utilized by many industries in their manufacturing processes. During the production and assembly of agricultural projects, whether tractors, combine harvesters, or other related pieces of machinery for the industry, torque management and measurement equipment are sure to be utilized. Crane products generate improved quality, increased productivity, and a higher level of safety to any agricultural manufacturing project whether large or small. The Crane Torque equipment supplied for the agriculture sector brings an unparalleled level of high quality ensuring secure and safe bolting of all types of agricultural structures and equipment whether combines, harvesters, conveyors, or grain elevators. Some torque management solutions offered by Crane include torque wrenches, rotary torque transducers, and stationary transducers.

The Crane WrenchStar Multi Torque Wrench is an ideal choice for users requiring torque and angle data. This powerful, reliable, and versatile torque wrench collects data and records it digitally, creating a simple and accurate torque management solution for any manufacturing process. The Crane WrenchStar Multi Torque Wrench has many notable features such as the ability to keep record of up to 200 readings offline before it must return to its data collector, a 360 light ring which displays readings and vibration alerts through colour status, and heads that are interchangeable and have ID used for auto length compensation. 

The Crane IQWrench2 Torque Wrench is an electronic torque wrench with sophisticated software accompanied with extreme flexibility as it can be altered or upgraded at anytime. It is an extremely resilient torque wrench capable to stand up to the demanding environments of today’s production lines, such as those in the agriculture industry. This class leading tool has incomparable angle measurement and torque technology used in many industrial applications.

Crane stationary transducers are the number one choice when it comes to quality testing for all continuous drive, hand, and impulse torque tools both on production lines and in the workshop. Set-up errors are easily eliminated through the usage of this tool as it automatically recognizes data collector devices which then enables complete traceability as well.

Cleco DC Electric Tools Bring Exclusive Industry-Leading Innovation

Ergonomics, speed, and durability are only some notable features found with Cleco DC Electric Tools. This line of tool solutions offers a wide range of tool configurations and controller options. Cleco’s range of LiveWireTM Electric Nutrunners are an exclusive industry-leading innovation with a unique cordless tool system that combines standard fastening technology and advanced Wi-Fi. Watch this video to learn more about Cleco LiveWireTM Electric Nutrunners.

Cleco DC Electric Tools have many highly developed and sophisticated features including onboard electronic intelligence, integrated barcode scanner, and digital process controls. Cleco Control Feed Angle Drills have a vast range of speed options, two thrust sizes, and three varying mounting options depending on the material and the hole size being drilled. This tool is an incomparable option for drilling where there is only a confined space and there is no room to fit a positive feed drill.

Cleco’s new line of cordless assembly tools, CellCore, includes a complete range of cordless tool solutions that are durable, smart, and ergonomically designed to stand up to the toughest and most demanding environments. Operator fatigue is reduced as this tool is lightweight and as well, delivers leading edge balance, power, and weight. Rundowns are quickly and easily programmed on the tool without a controller due to the large user interface. Watch this video to learn more about Cleco’s new line of CellCore cordless assembly tools.

Optimal Fastening Solutions Guaranteed with Stanley Engineered Fastening Systems

Stanley Engineered Fastening products supplied by Applifast are an unparalleled fastening solution. Heavy-duty fasteners are a must-have when it comes to constructing heavy-duty equipment for the agriculture industry. Innovative fastening solutions from Avdel offer a wide selection of blind fasteners and tooling solutions. The speed fastening systems from Avdel can be used in the assembly of composite materials, plastics, metals, as well as electronic components, in large, medium, and small batch processes and continuous production lines. An example of a speed fastening system is the

Avdel NeoSpeed. The Avdel NeoSpeed is a versatile and extremely strong speed fastening system delivering a throughput of up to four times larger than standard breakstem or threaded fasteners. The Avdel NeoSpeed has a multi-grip capability and just one Avdel NeoSpeed Rivet can be used in place of several conventional grip fasteners. Watch this video to learn more about Avdel NeoSpeed rivets. Avdel self-piercing rivets are an exceptional fastening solution especially when used to join unlike materials. The need for alignment and insertion holes is eliminated as Avdel self-piercing rivets can both pierce and fasten in just one operation. Avdel breakstem fasteners are resistant to the toughest environments and meet quality standards at the highest level. Users are always guaranteed an optimal fastening solution due to the flexibility of the Avdel breakstem fasteners. Stanley Engineered Fastening offers an extensive selection of threaded insert, rivet, as well as structural systems ensuring there is always an assembly system to bring you a solution that will improve production, reduce manufacturing costs, and bring added value. Some fastening solutions include POP Multi-Grip Rivets, POP Grip Tite Rivets, Avdel Interlock, Avdel Monobolt, Avdel Avibulb XT, and Avdel Klamp-Tite Structural.

Holes Already Drilled or Punched? No Need to Worry with POP Multi-Grip Rivets

The POP Multi-Grip Rivets can complete the work of a range of standard rivet sizes in applications where it would usually be required to have many different sizes of rivets. Some of the benefits these rivets offer include how they are resistant to vibration and they can be used where holes have already been drilled or punched. POP Grip Tite Rivets have extreme strength and strong joints that are vibration-resistant and have high tensile and shear strength so hold up to extremely demanding applications, such as in the agriculture industry. Although some environments may use thin plastics or sheet metal, POP Grip Tite Rivets have an impressive and notable mandrel retention and expanded footprint. This expansion feature counteracts irregular holes and spreads the load evenly. POP Grip Tite Rivets also have a waterproof tight seal, pull-through resistance, and an exceptional residual clamp force, bringing exceptional strength to many industrial applications.

High Level Strength in Many Applications with Avdel Breakstem Fasteners and Structural Rivets

Avdel Interlock rivets are structural breakstem fasteners that show their high level of strength in many applications where there is need for vibration resistance and structural strength along with a strong multi-grip capability. Avdel Interlock rivets are used in closing large gaps and have high tensile and shear strength which prevents sheet movement. Several conventional fasteners can be replaced with the use of just one Avdel Interlock rivet, therefore reducing fastener inventory for any user. Avdel Interlock rivets also have a mechanical locking feature where the section of rivet mandrel that remains after the rivet placement is caught within the rivet. A seal is then created at the head of the rivet resulting in superior water and vibration resistance. Avdel Interlock rivets also have the capability of being customized to fit unique assembly requirements.

The Avdel Avibulb XT is a breakstem fastener with high level strength and exclusive bulbing tail formation, making it ideal for use in thin sheet applications. As the Avdel Avibulb XT fasteners have a large grip range, they work extremely well in uses with diverse sheet thicknesses. The Avdel Avibulb XT fasteners can also fill holes that are misaligned, irregular, or oversized. Like other Avdel and POP fasteners provided by Applifast, the Avdel Avibulb XT has reliable stem retention, joint slippage resistance, and strong residual clamp load. Avdel Avibulb XT rivets also are noted for their versatility, wide hole tolerance, and high tensile and shear strength.

Avdel Klamp-Tite structural rivets have a significant blind-side bearing area which makes these rivets the ideal choice for use in low strength or thin materials. These fasteners have a visible lock making inspection easy and quick for any agricultural equipment manufacturer. Avdel Klamp-Tite structural rivets are also blind hole with a one-sided installation capacity making it an applicable fastener for a range of material thicknesses.

In any heavy-duty application, such as those in the agriculture industry, Avdel Monobolts bring safety and performance. Avdel Monobolts are multi-grip structural rivets that have a locked stem as well as a positive hole fill for use in intense applications. Applifast supplies a vast array of Avdel Monobolts whether aluminum, steel, or stainless steel, nose tips, or tooling needs, there is a solution on hand for every customer demand. Avdel Monobolts have extremely high tensile and shear strength no matter if they are 3/16” or 1/4” diameter. In fact, Avdel Monobolts are so strong, they eliminate sheet movement found with non-standard holes, have the capability of closing large gaps, and override any oversized, slotted, misaligned, or irregular holes. These fasteners also have visible locks which make inspection quick and easy for any installer. Avdel Monobolts have fully sealed joints that are vibration resistant, and do not have loose stems therefore eliminating any rattling.

Structural Integrity with Huck Fastening Systems

No matter if equipment in the agriculture industry is being operated in the fields or is being used for heavy storage capacities, it takes a strong beating. Applifast supplies Huck Bolts – an unmatched, high-strength, and vibration-resistant fastening solution used in countless applications found in the agriculture industry, such as harvesters, tractors, and towed equipment including cab frames, seats, chassis, wheel nuts, and maintenance access panels. Huck fasteners are also found to be used in both permanent and mobile agriculture structures and grain silos. Huck Bolts have proven themselves to be an extremely superior solution to welding in countless industrial applications as Huck fasteners bring exceptional accuracy, speed, safety, installation, and exceptional production levels overall. Huck fasteners bring any agricultural equipment assembly high-performance, long life, high tensile and clamp strength, and will never loosen no matter how vibration intense the environment may be. Standard nuts and bolts are often found to vibrate intensely when installed, but this is not the case with Huck fasteners as they install quickly without causing the operator to feel any impacts or torque on their hands or arms. Duplication of Huck blind fasteners is impossible as many manufacturers have proven in trying to copy the design. The consistency and strength of Huck fasteners cannot be overtaken as their unique features have so may benefits.

Using Huck Magna-Grips brings any user clean installations no matter what type of assembly thickness. Absolute vibration resistance is ensured with Huck Magna-Grips as they have an exclusive locking-groove design, consistent clamp force, and extreme tensile and shear strength. Watch this video to learn more about Huck Magna-Grip fasteners from Applifast. The Huck BOM fastener provides extreme strength in many structural applications. The Huck BOM’s (Blind Oversized Mechanically locked) combination of high shear capacity and tensile force ensures long-term integrity. In fact, this fastener can perform the amount of work equivalent to four standard fasteners. Applifast also supplies Huck Magna-Lok fasteners which are adaptable, hole filling fasteners that install accurately just with the use of standard installation tools. The solid circle-lock and large grip range features of the Huck Magna-Lok fastener ensures quick installation, while its moisture and vibration resistant characteristics help guarantee the joint will never loosen. Another Huck fastener, the Huck C50L HuckBolt, is a highly tensile, friction grip, and oversized Huck LockBolt that has been defined by Huck for over fifty years. The C50L HuckBolt Fastener has proven its exceptional durability under pressure from being used in many heavy-duty and vibration intense fastening environments. Click here to learn more about Huck fastening solutions from Applifast.

Huck Guns come in many varieties such as 2015, 2025, 2024, and 2022. The Huck 2015 is a high-speed, lightweight tool, well suited for repair, maintenance, and production applications where blind fasteners that are 1/4” or smaller in diameter are used. The Huck Model 2015 Tool has many notable features including an in-line piston for one-stroke installations up to 35 cycles each minute. This Huck tool minimizes operator fatigue as it is lightweight, but also has an ergonomically designed handle. Various hole sizes can be accounted for as anvil inserts for nail type rivets can be changed out quite simply.

Manufacturing Intelligence and Assembly Expertise

Many agriculture industry manufacturers of seeding, spraying, harvesting and grain handling equipment in Canada’s prairie provinces have proven Applifast as a comprehensive resource for manufacturing intelligence and assembly expertise. You too can realize superior yields and higher returns in your assembly processes by calling 1 800 563 1293 or emailing

Bobtail fasteners from Applifast are the answer to any manufacturing application that requires high-strength. Vibration-proof fasteners which can be installed quickly, checked visually, and removed for serviceability.
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