Applifast Safety Data Sheets

The team at Applifast possess the resources to make your job easier and your business more profitable through thoughtful consultation, industry-leading practices, and technical expertise in countless applications. For over 40 years, we have helped companies of all sizes improve their manufacturing processes through our attention to detail and uncompromising focus on safety and efficiency.

Applifast provides a range of brand name chemical solutions that have been thoroughly researched to ensure they meet all governing regulations and guidelines in respect to best business practices, manufacturing processes, environmental impact, and ethics. Safety Data Sheets, found below, are documents listing information relative to occupational health and safety to ensure safety when utilizing various chemical substances.

Castle Autochem

For more than forty years, Castle has been distributing superior professional industrial and automotive products. Castle products bring any user a powerful solution to today’s commercial and industrial needs. Safety Data Sheets found below of Castle products include:

    • Castle Torque Master Anti-Seize
    • Castle Endura Grease
    • Castle Dragon Fire Carburetor Cleaner
    • Castle Streak Proof Glass Cleaner
    • Castle Big 5 Silicone Spray
    • Castle Cleans Rite Air Intake Cleaner



Dynabrade has earned its reputation of innovation through consistently and continuously designing and manufacturing exclusive compact abrasive power tools and accessories. Safety Data Sheets found below of Dynabrade products include:

  • Dynabrade Air Lube
  • Dynabrade Gear Oil

J Walter

Abrasive solutions manufactured by Walter are made with the highest quality processes and materials. Whether you are sanding, blending, cleaning, cutting, grinding, or finishing, Walter products are made to outperform and outlast any other conventional abrasive solutions. Safety Data Sheets found below of Walter include:

  • Walter Coolcut S-30
  • Walter Icecut
  • Walter AF-PL
  • Walter Chain Gang
  • Walter Hang-On
  • Walter Weld Gel
  • Walter E-Weld
  • Walter E-Weld 3
  • Walter E-Weld 4
  • Walter UNO SF
  • Walter UNO SV

Auto Valet

Leysons Auto Valet solutions offer a wide range of professional grade detailing chemicals for use in the automotive industry. Leysons Auto Valet Purple Power is a world class all-in-one cleaner and degreaser. Simply alter the dilutions and it becomes an industrial water-based engine degreaser, white wall tire cleaner, vinyl top cleaner, leather, plastic, and vinyl cleaner, and a concrete floor degreaser. Safety Data Sheets found below of Leysons include:

  • Auto-Valet Eco-Kleen
  • Auto Valet Conckleen
  • Auto Valet Ultra Shield
  • Auto Valet Tuxedo
  • Auto Valet Purple Power
  • Auto Valet Transport
  • Auto Valet Fast Action

Deb/Stoko Skin Care

Stoko and Deb have come together in order to create the leading specialist occupational skin care solutions globally. They are combining more than eighty years of expertise, science, and innovation to advance and lead the conflict counter to occupational skin disorders. Stoko and Deb have designed the most comprehensive and extensive range of occupational skin care products, meeting all skin care needs with items that people understand, like, and are motivated to using. Safety Data Sheets found below of Stoko include:

  • Stoko Gel Instant Hand Sanitizer
  • Kresto Cherry Hand Cleanser
  • Stoko Refresh Hand Cleanser
  • Kresto Classic
  • Stoko Refresh Fragrance Dye-Free Hand Cleanser
  • Travabon Classic Skin Cream
  • Stokolan Classic Skin Cream
  • Kresto Ink and Dye Cleanser
  • Kresto ATP Hand Cleanser
  • Solopol Classic Hand Cleanser
  • Estesol Hair & Body Cleanser
  • Estesol Luxury Hand Cleanser
  • Refresh Clear Foam Hand Cleanser
  • Deb Instant Foam Hand Sanitizer
  • Kresto Special Ultra Hand Cleanser
  • Stokolan Light Pure Skin Cream
  • Stokolan Hand & Body Skin Cream
  • Stokolan Classic Skin Cream
  • Stokoderm Grip Pure Skin Cream
  • Travabon Special Pure Skin Cream


TSI Supercool is an ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer of specialized lubricants used in various automotive and industrial markets around the globe. TSI Supercool products are designed, formulated, tested, and packaged with leading edge technologies and materials. Safety Data Sheets found below of TSI Supercool include:

  • Supercool Evaporator Odour Eliminator
  • Supercool Ultimate Degreaser and UV Dye Cleaner
  • Green Supercool UV Leak Detection Dye Concentrate
  • Supercool Ester Refrigeration Lubricant 100+UV Dye
  • Supercool PAG Refrigeration Lubricant 46 WUV Dye
  • Supercool PAG Refrigeration Lubricant 100 WUV Dye
  • Supercool PAG Refrigeration Lubricant 150 WUV Dye
  • Supercool Air Conditioning Total Leak Stop
  • Supercool Total Air Conditioning Leak Stop Aerosol
  • Supercool Leak Stop Aerosol
  • Supercool Vacuum Pump Oil

Technical Chemical Company (Johnsen’s) 

Johnsen’s offers a wide range of aerosol productions, mobile air condition products, and automotive fluids. Johnsen’s products are depended on by users worldwide as their products continuously and consistently bring users high quality products due to the care of the team and Johnsen’s stringent quality control testing. Safety Data Sheets found below of Technical Chemical Company (Johnsen’s) include:

  • Johnsen’s Heavy Duty Dot 3 Brake Fluid
  • Johnsen’s Hi-Performance Brake Parts Cleaner
  • Johnsen’s Electronics Cleaner
  • Johnsen’s Power Steering Fluid
  • Johnsen’s Engine Oil Stop Leak
  • Johnsen’s Carburetor Cleaner
  • Johnsen’s Gas Treatment
  • Johnsen’s Fuel Injector Cleaner
  • Johnsen’s Octane Booster
  • Johnsen’s AC Flush
  • Johnsen’s Brake Starting Fluid
  • Johnsen’s Brake Cleaner

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