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Welcome to Applifast Inc., and to our latest Solutions For Industry Source Guide showcasing a small selection from our vast range of industrial products.


The Huck® Range Force Battery Tool is a portable powerhouse for multiple applications and industries. Huck has joined forces with Makita to bring you industry-leading performance with electronically adjustable installation pull force.

Torque Data Collection

One of the most important aspects during the manufacturing of high-quality products is the measurement of torque and the data collection of these results. This is particularly true when looking at the correct levels of tension within critical joints and fastenings on cars, aircraft, heavy-duty machinery and white goods etc.

it Together.

Huck® fasteners from Applifast deliver the industry’s best combination of clamp, shear, and tensile strength with zero maintenance performance. Remember…if it is ‘Hucked’ together, it stays together.

Threaded Inserts

Threaded Inserts - AirPower 4

For installation in thin or soft base materials with limited/no access to the backside of the workpiece. A threaded rivet nut is a female threaded fastener applied into a pre-drilled hole from the visible “front” side, without the need to access the back of the workpiece. This fastening process is known as a blind installation.

Mighty Fein.

The Fein ASCM 12C 12V 4-Speed Cordless Drill/Driver provides uncompromising power in a durable compact body. This cordless 12V drill/driver exerts 40Nm of torque from its brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor through a solid metal 4-speed gearbox. Put the power at your fingertips.


Speed, mobility, accuracy, and high torque capacity – the Plarad Cordless Nutrunner from Applifast is an excellent choice for companies wanting to make their bolt fastening processes more efficient, productive, and secure.

Good Enough?

Torque systems from Applifast provide a higher standard of safety and quality – our range far exceeds “good enough”.


The world’s most precise gauges for the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries. TRULOK Gauges from Applifast deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to the most demanding measurement challenges.


From motor vehicles to appliances, planes to construction machines, electronics to energy – there is a Desoutter air powered and electric tool solution from Applifast for you.


Torque auditing systems from Applifast provide a neutral process ensuring correct reading verification unequaled by others in the industry.


Apex Bits from Applifast run true, perform better, and last longer. Premium tool alloys and proprietary heat treat, helps avoid typical problems such as shattering and premature bit wear.


Solid rivets can be found in the frame, transmission mounts, and shock mounts of a car, the roof, sidewalls, and floor rails of semi trailers and hundreds of thousands of them are used to assemble the frame of an airplane.


Choose HuckGuard® for high corrosion-resistant performance in the harsh conditions permeating many industrial environments.


Huck 360® from Applifast is a high strength nut and bolt fastening system that resists vibration loosening, delivers superior fatigue strength, holds tight under high spike loads, and installs quickly using conventional tools.

Industry 4.0

The Industrial Internet of Things – The digital age has moved into manufacturing and is starting to have a large impact. Whether it’s robotics, tools, sensors or information of things technology that keeps track of everything in an automated way.

Still Welding?

Safety, simplicity, speed, cost-savings, and structural integrity are five strong reasons why HuckBolts® from Applifast are superior to welding, proven for over 30 years of vibration-resistant performance in the brutal trucking and rail industries.


Bobtail® fasteners from Applifast are the answer to any manufacturing application that requires high-strength, vibration-proof fasteners which can be installed quickly, checked visually, and removed for serviceability.

Drilling Technology.

RMT bits are a secret from the Aerospace Industry that we’re pleased to share with you. Advancements through technology and process have placed RMT drill bits from Applifast as the leader in quality drill bit manufacturing.


Applifast’s extensive lines of industrial power drills are engineered to make your job easier, safer, and more efficient.

Achy Legs?

Increase employee productivity and positive morale with Happy Feet Anti-Fatigue Mats from Applifast.

Bad Back?

Increase employee productivity and positive morale with Hog Heaven Modular Tile Anti-Fatigue Mats from Applifast.

Clean Sweep?

Bruske Brooms from Applifast keep on sweeping as a new broom because the bristle material keeps its shape and never sags or mats in wet or dry conditions. The “Miracle Tip” steel handle will not break or loosen.

Solvent Free?

Healthy hands boost productivity, reduce germs, and increase profitability. Skin health problems, often caused by physical stress, harsh chemicals, and other workplace irritants, are the second leading cause of occupational disease or injury.


The unique ratio between performance and weight, mandrel collection, and revolving air inlet are standard features built into the Air Power Series riveters from Applifast to optimize operator comfort and maximize production efficiencies.

Brute Power.

User-friendly ergonomics with a simple design for continuous reliable use in demanding industrial conditions make the AP4 and AP5 favourites with manufacturing professionals.


ProSet PB2500 and PB3400 cordless riveters from Applifast are designed for production environments featuring solid durability, strong pulling force, easy to use operation, and high-speed installation time to ensure maximum efficiency and low fastener installation costs.

Dry Skin?

Stokolan, when applied regularly, will keep skin soft and smooth and prevent skin from becoming chapped or dry which is a condition that could indicate the onset of occupational skin disease.

Sore Knees?

Increase employee productivity and positive morale with Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mats from Applifast.

Stand Up.

Do it for your health. Get fit with the mat designed specifically to help you stand comfortably for hours while you work.


Furnish stunning, clean, and safe doorways with Waterhog Eco Premier Entrance Mats from Applifast.


Purple power from Applifast can be used during regular maintenance and operational tasks. Manage your responsibilities safely and effectively with purple power from Applifast, where quality and value meet.

Huck Cab Kits

Huck Cab Kit - Pneudraulic 2025 | Battery BV4500

Everything you need to install Huck or similar structural fasteners


Joint Relaxation & Torque Auditing


Welding vs. Huck® Fasteners