Applifast Industrial Tool Manuals

Tool performance assessments and regular tool maintenance is a proven factor for longer tool life cycles and lower repair costs, effectively reducing your total costs of ownership, increasing your return on investment, minimizing production stoppage risks, ensuring tool reliability, and quality control of assembly processes.

Our product specialists take each unique production requirement into consideration, a selection of specific tools is thoroughly compared, and a solution is presented. Tool performance, ability to meet or exceed expected tolerances, ergonomics and maneuverability, balance, weight distribution torque and force output, noise and vibration levels, required source to power the tool, and cost to operate and maintain the tool are all factored into each tool recommendation. Each tool is tested in a simulated work environment to ensure it accurately performs each task as required.

Even though the tools we endorse are made of high-quality materials and produced with expert craftsmanship, components do wear after a period of time and usage. To achieve strict tolerances or perform as when new, most tools have recommended service intervals. Certain parts ‘time-out’, become stressed, or weaken from fatigue under constant load and rigorous use within the production cycle. Filters, seals, gaskets, bearings, gears, diaphragms, springs, clips, couplings, spacers, shims, pins, etc., all have to be maintained, replaced, cleaned, or lubricated at some point.

Our factory trained and certified technicians are readily available to service tools for regular maintenance, or repair tools that have been damaged. We use brand specific OEM replacement parts to remain compliant with manufacturer guidelines. Parts are stocked in-house at Applifast allowing for quick turnaround and tool return.

Applifast understands that some facilities utilize their own mechanics and service technicians, allowing for maintenance and repairs to be conducted in-house or at remote business locations. We recognize the convenience of having the service and repair manuals accessible and they are offered below in PDF format. Manuals are promptly updated and added when made available from the tool manufacturer.

Contact Applifast today to order parts, schedule a tool maintenance/repair service, or for general inquires as our expert advice and know-how for production assembly processes is always readily available by phone call at 1 800 563 1293, or by email at [email protected].