At Applifast, demands are realized, concerns are acknowledged, and complexities are streamlined for all types of business, from trucks, trailers, trains, and buses, to aerospace, marine, agriculture, mining, electronics, and general industry.

Our vast array of in-stock rivets and many other types of blind fasteners provide limitless combinations and possibilities for any and all unique fastening demands. To discover the optimum answer for the needs of your business, we take into account the material alloy and thickness, hole size, and item application, and then consider head styles, body types, and shear and tensile strengths to determine and recommend the best fit rivet and tooling for the job.

Avdel has been providing world-class blind fastening systems for seventy-five years and Applifast has been supplying Avdel for decades. Avdel is a trusted and reliable brand bringing users a wide range of blind fasteners and tooling solutions. For practically every assembly demand, an Avdel tool and fastener solution is there to meet the requirements. Applifast supplies a vast array of innovative fastening solutions from Avdel including blind fasteners, speed fasteners, lockbolts, self-piercing rivets, and threaded inserts. The speed fastening systems from Avdel can be used in the assembly of composite materials, plastics, metals, as well as electronic components, in large, medium, and small batch processes and continuous production lines. The Avdel NeoSpeed speed fastening system, for example, is a versatile and extremely strong speed fastening system delivering a throughput of up to four times larger than standard breakstem or threaded fasteners. The Avdel NeoSpeed has a multi-grip capability and just one Avdel NeoSpeed Rivet can be used in place of several conventional grip fasteners.

Not only are POP products trusted by Applifast, manufacturers globally have high confidence in them. POP rivets no doubt meet and exceed the demands of manufacturing and assembly processes. POP products bring many advantages, one of which is how blind rivets can be installed without the need for the back of the piece to be accessed, making them a mandatory choice in many instances. Just one example is the POP Grip Tite Rivets which have very high ductile strength and a waterproof tight seal which is an extremely important feature in any industry.

Reliability is essential no matter what industry or what tool is being used. Goebel products from Applifast includes a large range of innovative fastening solutions. The blind rivet technology of Goebel products has unsurpassed quality and a high level of market recognition globally. Goebel tool and fastening solutions are used by major leading companies across many industries including automotive, aerospace, railroad, oil and gas, and construction. Designed with ergonomics, speed and efficiency in mind, these versatile, user friendly riveting tools are powered by a rechargeable battery. The GO-100 and the GO-200 do not have an air hose to restrict movement and will work for hours on a single charge, therefore minimizing downtime. A particularly useful feature is the innovative mandrel collection bottle, which can easily be removed with a 1/4 turn and emptied. The GO-100 and the GO-200 come complete with a battery, charger, interchangeable nose tips, wrench, and operator’s manual, stored together in a tough, spacious carrying-case. No matter what application, Goebel cordless fastener tools bring any industry a solution promoting safety, top quality, comfortable handling, leaving any user with strong confidence whenever they use them. The GO-100 and the GO-200 cordless riveters from Applifast are a proven design for fastening environments that require durability, strong pulling force, easy to use operation, and high-speed installation time to ensure maximum efficiency and lower fastener installation costs.

We are not just another vendor, we are your ally, with practical strategies designed to increase efficiency and productivity, with a comprehensive selection of inventory ready and waiting to ship out whenever you need it.

Rivets & Tooling Videos

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POP PB2500 Battery Tool for Breakstem Rivets

The POP PB2500 Battery Tool is a cordless power tool that brings high speed, extreme strength, and endurance for fastening breakstem rivets. This lightweight cordless battery tool has many added features including excellent ergonomics, high productivity, and increases return on investment with low installation costs. Watch the video above to learn more about the POP PB2500.


POP Avdel NeoSpeed Riveting System

The newly developed Avdel NeoSpeed fastening system has a unique design making it simply the most versatile and strongest speed fastening system. The design consists of speed fasteners with an exclusive splined rivet combined with a high clamp and complete with a wide grip range. The patent protected Avdel NeoSpeed fastening system is also optimized with high quality fixed element analysis techniques. Watch the video above to learn more about the Avdel NeoSpeed.


Stanley – POP Rivet Presenter – Rivet Feeding System

Rivet Presenter (RP) by STANLEY Engineered Fastening: The “RP” Rotary Bowl Rivet Feeding System facilitates single handed, high speed riveting and setting. RP can be used in conjunction with any ProSet Rivet Power tool (MCS Version). Feeder bowl with a capacity for up to 1000 rivets. The rivet is automatically loaded into the front of a tool when the tool is inserted into the receptacle at the front of the Rivet Presenter. Easy to refill. Ideal for “white glove” environments.