At Applifast, demands are realized, concerns are acknowledged, and complexities are streamlined for all types of business, from trucks, trailers, trains, and buses, to aerospace, marine, agriculture, mining, electronics, and general industry.

Good employees deserve to be well cared for – their appreciation will show in higher productivity and increased morale. Industrial health and safety is imperative in every workplace and that includes everything from occupational skin care, to anti-fatigue matting, and clean floors. We consider your employees in every solution we present and can ensure that your staff are protected by the utmost in safety standards.

Stoko and Deb have come together in order to create the leading specialist occupational skin care solutions globally. They are combining more than eighty years of expertise, science, and innovation to advance and lead the conflict counter to occupational skin disorders. Stoko and Deb have designed the most comprehensive and extensive range of occupational skin care products, meeting all skin care needs with items that people understand, like, and are motivated to using them. The new range of Deb/Stoko products brings improved health and safety, measurable economic value, and reduced environmental impact. Occupational skin irritation, frequent washing, or the harsh climates we live in, can lead to dry, rough, or chapped skin often resulting in reddening, scaling, and even bleeding. This loss of moisture and oils leads to brittleness on the outer layer of skin. Consequently, the skin loses its natural protective function and becomes more susceptible to harmful substances in the workplace. Stokolan Classic is a highly concentrated skin care cream which adds moisture and oil to the skin, thereby assisting in the natural regeneration of the skin. Stokolan Classic from Applifast has proven very effective in helping to prevent and treat dry, rough, and even cracked skin caused by work-related conditions (attrition dermatitis), or simply being exposed to cold and/or dry weather conditions. Stokolan Classic is a silicone-free skin care cream that spreads easily, works quickly into the skin, and leaves no residual “greasy” feeling. Stokolan Classic is ideal for use in any workplace setting including both industrial and office environments.

Most people think of anti-fatigue matting as just something to “make the floor softer”. Experts tell us that well-designed anti-fatigue matting can do much more. Any employee who is required to stand for extended periods is subject to becoming distracted with the discomfort that can result from the incorrect type of support underfoot. Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mats are firm enough to hold up to the long-term wear and tear of daily use while providing enough cushioning to relieve stress and discomfort. Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mats from Applifast are made from nitrile rubber for improved chemical resistance and with a textured surface offer superior slip resistance in a variety of industrial and commercial environments. Hog Heaven’s closed-cell nitrile cushion backing provides long-lasting comfort without breaking down while the 100% nitrile rubber beveled border remains flexible for the life of the product and will not crack or curl.

The Bruske Broom was engineered as the answer to frustration, waste, and premature replacement of conventional floor brooms due to sagging bristles and broken handles. The Bruske Broom is the ultimate sweeping tool absolutely perfect for heavyweight and lightweight needs, indoors or outdoors on any surface. Bruske is an indestructible floor broom you can depend on. Bruske Brooms are constructed with the finest bristle material which is extremely durable and not affected by acid, alkaline, solvent, grease, oil, or water. The two rows of bristles with no middle row on the Bruske Broom is essentially two sweeping edges which also eliminates any collection of debris. Bruske’s famous all steel, bolt-on “Miracle Tip” handle eliminates all handle breakage and thread stripping problems normally associated with ordinary floor brooms. Bruske Brooms keep on sweeping in the most adverse wet or dry conditions. Bruske has a proven track record for total dependability by providing industrial, commercial, and institutional customers with quality-crafted brooms that literally share no equal. Bruske Brooms sweep better, last longer, and are truly indestructible. Bruske Brooms from Applifast consistently and continuously sweep as a new broom because the bristle material keeps its shape and never sags or mats in wet or dry conditions. The “Miracle Tip” steel handle will not break or loosen.

Industrial Health and Safety Videos

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Deb – Making Hands Matter

Hands are our connection to the world. That is why Applifast and Deb are dedicated to making hands matter in the workplace. Watch the video above to learn more about how Applifast and Deb are making hands matter.


Deb – Speaking Out About Occupational Skin Disorders

Currently, occupational skin disorders and other serious work-related health issues such as eczema, largely is found in the workplace as unreported. This poses an invisible threat affecting both the well-being and health of employees and the efficiency of an organization as a whole. Watch the video above to learn how Applifast and Deb are speaking out about occupational skin disorders.


Andersen Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mats

Andersen Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mats bring many exceptional features including being welding safe, electrically conductive, chemically resistant, and grease/oil proof. These anti-fatigue mats are also recommended for many applications including manufacturing, retail, and distribution facilities for picking lines, work stations, welding stations, check-out stations, assembly lines, and more! Watch the video above to learn more about Andersen Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mats.