Good employees deserve to be well cared for – their appreciation will show in higher productivity and increased morale. Industrial health and safety is imperative in every workplace, and that includes everything from occupational skin care, to anti-fatigue matting and clean floors. We consider your employees in every solution we present, and can ensure that your staff are protected by the utmost in safety standards.

Industrial health and Safety Videos

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Deb – Making Hands Matter

Hands are our connection to the world. That is why Applifast and Deb are dedicated to making hands matter in the workplace.


Deb – Speaking Out About Occupational Skin Disorders

Occupational skin disorders, including work-related eczema, are a serious health issue that currently go largely unreported in the workplace; an invisible threat that affect both an organization’s efficiency and the health and well-being of its employees.


Andersen Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mats

Welding safe, electrically conductive, chemical resistant, grease and oil proof. Recommended for distribution, manufacturing and retail facilities for picking lines, assembly lines, work stations, check-out stations and more.