Applifast is well rehearsed with various fastening strategies. Each fastening challenge requires a unique practical solution, whether it be in the form of lock bolts, threaded inserts, blind or structural fasteners, or the use of anti-vibration threaded nuts.

Eliminate failure of threaded joints due to vibration loosening, fatigue, stripping or shearing. Long hours under immense pressure and extreme temperatures can have potentially disastrous consequences for joints with traditional thread form fasteners. These specially engineered threaded nuts have been tested to outperform traditional standard threaded nuts.

In theory, a fastener is a device used for attaching one item to another. With the industry’s safety practices, a manufacturer or repair facility is held accountable for each fastener used to produce their products – the method in determining the specific tool or fastener to achieve a consistent clamp force can be complex and overwhelming. You can count on Applifast to deliver superior fastening expertise, complete with documented shear and tensile strengths, for an unmatched, vibration-resistant fastening solution that is safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

Fastening Technology Videos

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Stanley Spiralock Fasteners. An effective, proven and reliable solution to prevent threaded joint loosening problems.

Spiralock’s wedge ramp allows male fasteners to spin freely, relative to the female thread until clamp load is applied. At that point the crest of the standard male threads is drawn tightly against the wedge ramp, creating a continuous spiral line of contact along the entire length of the thread engagement. As the clamp load increases, the wedge ramp pushes against the male thread from all sides eliminating the radial clearance that allows fasteners to begin self loosening under vibration.


Standard Fastener VS. Stanley Spiralock Demonstration

This video is a demonstration between a standard fastener and a revolutionary Spiralock fastener at 15 kilonewtons tension. After just 20 seconds the standard fastener has completely loosened. Watch the video to see how the Spiralock fastener performs.