Industry Leader

47 Years

of Excellence

Government Certified

Controlled Goods Program


Industry Leader

47 Years

of Excellence

Government Certified

Controlled Goods Program

Aerospace Industry

Desoutter, Seti-Tec, Arconic, and Recoules Quackenbush Fastening Systems 

The Largest Aerospace Industry in Western Canada 

The revolutionary and highly developed aerospace industry in Manitoba is not only the most extensive found in Western Canada, but is home to distinguished MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) service firms who serve hundreds of countries worldwide. The aerospace sector of Manitoba includes designing, developing, and manufacturing composite aircraft components, assemblies, engine components, and accessories. Repair and overhaul of commercial aircrafts, advanced alloy turbine engines, piston engines, and accessories is also completed in Manitoba.

High tech sectors like the aerospace industry are implementing Industry 4.0 practices to track systems and procedures in order to ensure performance and product integrity. Industry 4.0 allows each process to be traced right down to its origin. If a part or joint fails, the data that was documented for each stage of the manufacturing process will reveal the cause whether mechanical, material, or operator failure.

Strategic Supplier with High Level Expertise 

Desoutter Industrial Tools has been combining high level expertise and skills since its evolution in 1914. Today, Desoutter is a global leader in both pneumatic and electric assembly tools for countless industrial manufacturing applications and processes including the automotive, aerospace, off-road, general, light assembly vehicle, and heavy vehicle industries.  They are continuously coming up with more ‘intelligent’ tool solutions through the embracement and adaptation of Industry 4.0. Ergonomically designed, Desoutter tools increase levels of safety, effectiveness, efficiency, human working and living conditions, and counteract adverse effects on human health and performance. They are consistently innovating industrial tools to bring users solutions that are best-fit for whatever the application may be such as sanders, angle drills, and compression tools used in the aerospace industry. Desoutter Multi-Drills give the operator more flexibility when operating in industrial solutions. This flexibility helps increase productivity while being lightweight, having exceptional ergonomics, and low noise levels. Desoutter Industrial Tools bring higher productivity, reduced handling time, reduced operator fatigue, greater operator satisfaction, and budget predictability. Watch this video to learn more about the aerospace vision of Desoutter Industrial Tools with Industry 4.0.

The Desoutter PivotWare allows any user to keep their product quality under control and identify assembly errors immediately as it has the ability to test equipment, scanners, or printers, and can easily integrate tools as well. The CVI3 Range System is Desoutter’s new standard of value as it can tighten very efficiently and its range has the most flexibility and power. Click here to learn more about Desoutter Industrial Tool solutions from Applifast.

Quality, Reliability, and World Class Performance with the Desoutter Seti-Tec Line

Quality, reliability, and world class performance defines the Seti-Tec Line of Desoutter as they continuously and consistently provide leading edge solutions to many major aircraft manufacturers worldwide. The Seti-Tec Line delivers up-to-date engineered and innovative solutions for advanced drilling results in the aerospace industry. The Seti-Tec Line is dedicated to demanding applications and manufacturing processes including countersinking, drilling, and reaming, where repeatability, quality, and precision is essential. Seti-Tec Advanced Drilling Units (ADU) are a modular concept that have the highest-level power to weight ratio in its grade and offer a wide range of Advanced Drilling Unit designs for use in aerospace industry applications. Desoutter Seti-Tec Advanced Drilling Units (ADU) will match your specific applications as they are based on a series of modular sub-assemblies. Watch this video to learn more about Seti-Tec Advanced Drilling Units. Desoutter Industrial Tools tooling solutions, including the Seti-Tec Line, are proven to dependably bring increased productivity, uptime, and efficiency, all with high quality.

Workmanship, Power, and Complete Quality 

Sioux Tools is recognized globally for tooling solutions with performance, quality, and durability. They offer an extensive line of industrial power tools which is continuously being expanded and engineered to make any application or manufacturing process safer, simpler, and more efficient. Sioux Tools stand up to the demanding environments and requirements of many industries including aerospace, leaving any user with a powerful solution for their assembly, manufacturing, and finishing needs. The unique and exclusive Z-Handle is just one feature of Sioux Tools bringing manufacturers tools capable of maintaining their full industrial power while still fitting into spaces that are extremely tight. The Sioux Skin Clamp Runner has extremely strong torque in reverse ensuring installed fasteners are removed when necessary. It is a lightweight, compact, and heavy-duty tool with cylindrical body fasteners that are fast to insert and to take out. Many tooling solutions from Sioux Tools are found in the aerospace industry including air hammers, series routers, angle drills, die grinders, and orbital sanders.

High Strength and High-Performance from Arconic 

Arconic tool and fastening solutions bring incomparable high strength and high-performance levels to many industries, including aerospace. Arconic Fastening Systems manufactures and provides a wide range of inspection gauges, installation tools, and removal tools in support of their many fastener designs. In fact, more than 90% of all rotating and structural aero engine components are produced by Arconic. They also have a large selection of ergonomically-designed pneumatic, cordless, DC electric, and manual tools.

Arconic Frangible Collar Assembly Tools have an exclusive hex key design which keeps the assembly tool from twisting and turning the return spring when the fastener is being installed. These assembly tools also remove any torsional friction that is found during the fastening installation cycle. This then improves the spring durability creating a tool removal process which is much easier, so the operator can move onto the next fastener quicker.

Arconic has been providing K-Fast Nut Torque Control tools for more than 30 years. The K-Fast product line of control tools brings fast, reliable, and repetitive removals and installations of K-Fast nuts. Arconic offers over 150 different models in semi-automatic, DC electric, hand, and pneumatic designs.

The Eddie Bolt 2 Fastener Tools from Arconic consists of a large product line of gauges as well as manual and pneumatic removal and installation tools. Eddie Bolt 2 Fasteners from Arconic have multiple cost-effective features including reduced rework, high vibration resistance, fastener installation, and enhanced joint performance. These fasteners also eliminate the need for torque-controlled tooling, improve reliability, and lessen manufacturing costs for any user.

Blind rivet, blind bolt, and lockbolt installation tools from Arconic are provided in both hydraulic and pneudraulic models ensuring all types and sizes of fasteners are installed accurately. Arconic hydraulic tools are both dependable and lightweight, and when accompanied with an offset nose assembly, they install fasteners in extremely demanding applications where there is limited access. Arconic pneudraulic tools are well-suited for use in high production applications as they are heavy duty and reliable. These pneudraulic tools produce ideal stroke for effective one-cycle installations due to the high pull pressures developed by the hydraulic piston.

The fasteners part of the Arconic Flite-Tite fastening systems are used as protection against lightning striking the aircraft. Arconic has found the current of lightning dissipates in a harmless way across an aircraft, but it still causes damage by creating miniature arcs between conventional fasteners and compound structures, therefore leaving potential for serious damage. The Flite-Tite fasteners designed by Arconic prevent gaps between a composite airframe as they are constructed with a steel or titanium sleeve. Therefore, electrical currents can release without causing consequential effects.

Recoules Quackenbush Provides Accuracy, Power, and Portability 

As demands for aerospace manufacturers are quite extensive and as they will often find that aerospace assemblies and components are too large for standard CNC (computer numerical control) custom automation and machining centres, it is crucial their needs be filled with accurate, powerful, and portable tools which increase productivity. Recoules Quackenbush brand tools include precision drilling and cutting equipment that have been designed specifically for various industries, such as aerospace. Recoules Quackenbush brands including Cleco, Apex, and Dotco, have all been built with the high standards of aerospace manufacturers as utmost importance. These tools have proven in strength, precision, and effectiveness in countless aerospace manufacturing and assembly processes. Applifast has a comprehensive selection of Recoules Quackenbush tooling solutions available such as global controllers, LiveWireTM cordless tools, pulse tools, sanders, and polishers.

Positive feed tools includes a various range of tools such as the positive feed manual, positive feed automatic, and positive feed adaptive. There is a compatible drilling option with the positive feed tools which allows the operator to drill at two speeds, resulting in a higher amount of effectiveness in materials such as CFRP and Titanium. The positive feed manual has distinct manual actuation which is used for motor commencement and feed engagement and is typically used for reaming, drilling, spot facing, and countersinking. Therefore, when the tools are in operation, the usage of air logic is removed resulting in less occurrence for air supply issues. The positive feed automatic has a single actuation used for a complete operating cycle making the process much simpler for any operator. This tool is provided in both inline and right-angle configurations as well as a diverse range of sizes in order to suit the material and the hole size. Customization options can also be applied such as spindle cutter interface, twist lock fixturing, cycle monitoring, template foot, and MITIS chip fragmentation. The positive feed adaptive allows automatic change in speed from high to low when drilling Ti (Titanium). The high speed on this tool can potentially be three times quicker resulting in a reduction in cycle time for dissimilar material stacks by up to 60%, in turn extending the life of the cutter.

Hydraulic controlled air feed tool selections include self-colleting drills, peck feed drills, nut plate drills, and both pistol and angle-controlled feed drills. Self-colleting drills are an ideal choice for the aerospace industry as they work extremely well for countersinking and drilling operations on aircraft skins. This tool offers superior comfort for the operator as well as advanced ergonomics. Self-colleting drills retract allowing heat to disperse and chips to clear before the tool advances again. Nut plate drills are designed for applications where there are nut plate fasteners, such as in overhead bins, fuselages, and other aircraft components. This tool can both countersink and drill mounting holes at the same time. The pistol version of the controlled feed drills is an easy way for aircraft manufacturers to get into tight spaces for countersinking, composite drilling, and other aircraft operations. They have a lightweight performance and can be customized with a template boss, therefore creating an efficient tool location or twist lock used to eliminate any force from the operator while drilling.

Apex Industry-Leading Innovation

Apex tool and fastening solutions are utilized by many industries, and especially in aerospace and automotive manufacturing and assembly processes. Apex tools, such as screwdrivers, nut runners, electric nut runners, and fixtured spindles, have the features to solve aerospace industry complications, including different hole sizes, materials, and accuracy requirements. These tooling and fastening solutions demonstrate consistent durability and world class quality that continuously endures at a high level for much longer than other conventional fasteners and fastening solutions. Apex nut runners are made with a long service life and perform with durability even in the most stringent working environments. Applifast has expert knowledge able to accommodate your specifications including, but not limited to hole quality, production rate, access, fixturing, and material.

Ergonomics, speed, and durability are all gained with Cleco DC Electric Tools tooling line as it provides a wide range of tool configurations and controller options. Cleco’s range of LiveWireTM Electric Nutrunners are an exclusive cordless tool system combining standard fastening technology and advanced Wi-Fi with many other sophisticated attributes including onboard electronic intelligence, integrated barcode scanner, and digital process controls. Cleco Control Feed Angle Drills have many speed options, two thrust sizes, and three varying mounting options dependent on the material being used and the hole size being drilled. Cleco DC Electric Tools no doubt will provide you with strong high-level performance every time.

Active Involvement in the Aerospace Industry 

Early since its inception in 1974, Applifast has been actively involved in the aerospace industry. Local aerospace manufacturers and repair centres rely on the expertise from Applifast to deliver tools and tooling solutions compatible with the technicalities of today’s evolving aerospace industry. Applifast serves the aerospace industry with fast-turnaround on tool repairs completed by factory-certified technicians using only OEM parts. Applifast has complied a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over generations that has proven invaluable to aerospace market leaders both locally and internationally. Contact Applifast at [email protected] or call us at 1 800 563 1293 for the answers to your specific requirements whether it is a standard aerospace industry tasks, or a confidential pre-production development.