Industry Leader

45 Years

of Excellence

Government Certified

Controlled Goods Program


Industry Leader

45 Years

of Excellence

Government Certified

Controlled Goods Program


Cleco BW


Manufacturing and Delivering World-Class Assembly Solutions for Over 120 Years

Using Advanced Technology for Industry-Leading Tool Solutions 

Cleco advanced tool and assembly solutions enhance user experience and increase productivity, providing powerful results for your company. Cleco leverages new technology to increase tool accuracy, traceability, ergonomics and safety. From aerospace manufacturing to electronics assembly, Cleco tools have the right combination of power and finesse to get things done quickly, safely and accurately.

Quality Production Tools for Every Industry 

As a leading tool manufacturer, Cleco offers trusted tool solutions across numerous industries. Whether your company constructs high-tech automobiles, assembles planes for leading aviation projects, produces appliances or builds earth-moving equipment, you can count on Cleco Production Tools for intelligent assemblies and world-class tools.

Aerospace: Achieve Critical Tolerances with Precision Tools 

Major aerospace manufacturers in Europe and North America trust Cleco’s reputation for accuracy and reliability. Cleco hand drills, riveters and advanced drilling units are crucial during production and assembly.

Maintain rigorous quality control standards with precision drilling 

• Cleco’s advanced drilling units achieve accurate drilling through metals, composites, and thick material stacks. Both Cleco power-feed drilling machines and hand drills create quality holes, while maintaining surface integrity, limiting burrs, and offering the capability to remove chips and carbon fiber dust from the process.

Configure tools designed to achieve exact assembly specifications 

• Cleco configures tools for your specific application needs. Cleco modular sub-assemblies combine into advanced drilling units optimized for precision one-shot and one-up portable automatic drilling. Count on Cleco drills and tightening solutions to provide consistency, reliability, and durability for your process.

Agriculture & Off-Road Machinery

Rely on Cleco assembly, drilling and fine finishing tools when building farming and earthmoving equipment.

Durable tools guarantee performance and dependability 

• Agriculture & off-road equipment assembly plants depend on Cleco for reliable assembly tools and error proofing solutions. Cleco tightening tools provide the performance and versatility required for manufacturing heavy-duty farming equipment, tractors and combines.

Use tough tools in-shop to build strong off-road equipment

• Whether your company produces earth moving and off-road equipment or heavy machinery, you need durable tools that maintain precision tolerances during every run-down. Rely on Cleco’s high torque electric nutrunners for increased efficiency and dependability.

Appliances, Electronics & Industrial Assembly

Cleco precision grinders and pneumatic tools have the speed and consistency needed to reach exact torque and achieve maximum RPMs during high-volume production.

Ensure consistency and precision for high-volume manufacturing 

• General manufacturing requires precision fastening tools. Cleco incorporates innovative technology to achieve greater durability and longer-lasting cycles. Cleco Clecomatic products use an advanced clutch control system to consistently reach exact torque and perform to maximum RPMs. Clecomatic tools are faster and easier to use in assembly line applications.

Manufacture quality appliances with industry-leading tool solutions

• Cleco tools are more versatile, more accurate, and more powerful. Designed to meet appliance manufacturing demands, Cleco tool solutions allow customers to consistently produce high-quality appliances.

Meet strict quality standards when producing configurable electronics

• When developing electronics for consumers or automotive suppliers, Cleco’s advanced electronic manufacturing technologies will help your company exceed production standards. Cleco electric screwdrivers and full system assemblies provide increased speed, flexibility, and precision.

Rely on ergonomic tools for demanding industrial assembly

• Customers trust Cleco tools to deliver and perform every day. Industrial manufacturing requires the accuracy and error-proofing to produce industry-grade products and machinery. Cleco corded and cordless assembly tools are low-reaction and ergonomic, providing the quality performance necessary to achieve high-volume production.


With Cleco corded and cordless tool solutions, assembly lines can operate at top-level output. Include Cleco intelligent spindles and corded electric nutrunners and cordless assembly tools for improved automotive production.

Find the right tightening solution for automotive final assembly plants, drive train production and tiered suppliers

• Cleco’s corded electric nutrunners, cordless assembly tools and fixtured assembly solutions are built to withstand the demands of high-production assembly lines. Cleco’s extensive product portfolio provides the most efficient solutions for safety-critical, quality-critical and functional assemblies.

Smart production tools provide error proofing and operator feedback to avoid rework and recalls 

• Cleco fastening and assembly tools touch every point in the motor vehicle manufacturing process. Cleco Tools’ precision in assembling engines and transmissions is only rivaled by the durability and repeatability needed to attach trim, chassis and engine dress components.

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