Industry Leader

47 Years

of Excellence

Government Certified

Controlled Goods Program


Industry Leader

47 Years

of Excellence

Government Certified

Controlled Goods Program

Bus & Coach Industry 

Applifast – Master Canadian Distributor of Desoutter, Huck®, POP, Avdel, and FEIN Tooling and Fastening Solutions in Public Transportation Manufacturing and Repair

Manitoba Supplies Over One-Third of the North American Bus Market

Manitoba companies supply over a third of the North American bus market. In fact, Winnipeg is home to a major intercity coach manufacturer and the largest urban transit bus supplier. One bus manufacturer from Manitoba broke new ground in being the first to provide innovative bus types such as diesel-electric and low-floor and the first ones in the world to introduce a fleet of buses with zero-emission hydrogen cells. In more recent times, the company produced a bus prototype that is all-electric which is bringing North America to a new, low-floor, medium-sized bus ideal for use in community shuttle services, medium-duty transit, and for connecting passengers on high-frequency transit routes.

Optimization and Higher Productivity from Desoutter Pneumatic and Electric Assembly Tools

Desoutter Industrial Tools was founded in 1914 and is headquartered in France. This company manufactures both pneumatic and electric industrial assembly tools for today’s manufacturing processes. Desoutter services are sold through twenty business units in more than 170 countries. Desoutter Industrial Tools bring higher productivity, reduced handling time, reduced operator fatigue, greater operator satisfaction, and budget predictability.

The CVI3 Range System is Desoutter’s new standard of value as it can tighten very efficiently, and its range has the most flexibility and power. There are various tools in this range including controllers, ERP handheld low torque pistol grip tools, EID inline electric nut runners, CVI3 Controllers, CVI3 Accessories, CVI3 Software, and EFDE-EFDA-EFDS Fixtured Electric Spindles.

Desoutter Connect is a platform used to manage all actions, information, and items in relation to activities found on assembly lines. The Desoutter Connect is used to quicken transformation through increasing uptime, productivity, and flexibility. There are two versions of the Desoutter Connect which are Connect-W and Connect-X. The Connect-W can activate up to ten cordless tools and the Connect-X can activate twenty cordless tools, therefore allowing these amounts of tools to be connected to the Desoutter Connect and used at once. This tool is a powerful and compact solution that brings easy installation and a multi-tool solution to any plant environment.

The Desoutter SmartStart is high quality and has professional turnkey installation. This tool detects optimizations once the system is up and running, bringing start-up, performance validation, speed, and accuracy. The Desoutter SmartStart has many other unique and exclusive features such as how it ensures ergonomics and tool accuracy and improves productivity through optimization of tool settings. Watch this video to learn more about Desoutter SmartStart from Applifast.

Huck® Leading Edge Tool and Fastening Solutions 

Huck® has been providing the most cutting-edge structural rivets, blind bolts, and lockbolts for more then thirty years. Behind every Huck tool and fastening system is a commitment to bringing users the strongest, most reliable fastening solution available, regardless of the industry. Huck fasteners never come loose even in the most extreme and demanding environments, bringing safety and extended life with them, therefore reducing costs for any manufacturer. Huck tool and fastening solutions have extremely high shear and tensile strength and have proven themselves time and time again making them the perfect choice for intensely demanding environments such as those in the bus and coach industry.

The Huck Model 940 Powerig® is used in moderate repair and production applications. This tool is a portable unit featuring robust construction with superior strength and durability. The Huck Model 940 Powerig has many notable features and benefits including the choice of 220 or 115 volt and AC Power, a handle making for easy transport, couplers that connect very quickly when installation tools are connected, and hydraulic outputs that can be very simply adjusted. No matter whether for factory or mobile use, there is a Huck Powerig solution and hydraulic power source for the application, from portable units powered by gasoline or electricity, to large rigs that are capable of powering up to three tools.

The Huck® 2025 is designed for production lines with volume fastening. This Huck tool is equipped with many ergonomic features including an efficient and effective in-line piston and plated piston rods. The Huck 2025 is also available with an extended piston (Huck 2025L) and a vacuum assist pintail collection system (Huck 2025V).

A portable powerhouse for multiple applications and industries, Huck® Fastening Systems and Makita bring any user industry-leading performance with the latest advancement in battery-powered and adjustable force installation tooling. The Huck Range Force™ battery tool has an electronically adjustable pull force and long stroke to enable installation of structural and non-structural rivets and up to 1/4” two-piece HuckBolt® fasteners. Along with an 18V/5Ah battery, this cordless rivet tool is a force to be reckoned with importability, reliability, and versatility.

Designed specifically for fiberglass reinforced plywood and metal clad composite applications, Hucktainer® fasteners install with consistent pressure, reducing the potential of crushing FRP panels. Hucktainer fasteners also install in only a few seconds, therefore reducing assembly time. This Huck fastening solution is extremely quiet and is provided in either hydraulic or air-powered models. Repetitive stress of muscle strain is also reduced as the Hucktainer has ergonomically designed grips that are comfortable with easy-to-pull triggers. Watch this video to learn more about Hucktainer from Applifast.

The Huck Floortight® blind fastener is the only commercially available fastener of its type. It is a self-countersinking, controlled blind fastener that was initially designed for use in the floor installations of large vehicles. It is ideal for any wood to metal applications, specifically ply metal and plywood. With plywood, the secondary counterboring process is eliminated as this Huck fastener has a self-countersinking head. Unlike conventional screws that can easily be under-torqued or over-torqued, Huck Floortight blind fasteners ensure installation that is reliable and consistent every time.

Low Confidence? High Confidence with POP ProSet Battery Powered and Cordless Riveters

Not only is the POP brand trusted by Applifast, manufacturers have high confidence in it. POP tool and fastening solutions bring many advantages, one of which is how blind rivets can be installed without the need for the back of the piece to be accessed, making them a mandatory choice in many applications. POP ProSet PB2500 and PB3400 cordless riveters are designed for production environments featuring solid durability, strong pulling force, easy to use operation, and high-speed installation time to ensure maximum efficiency and low fastener installation costs.

The POP ProSet 2500 is a battery powered, cordless riveter that is a durable and portable tool with easy maintenance. This cordless riveter tool has many exclusive high performing features such as the trademarked Quick Disconnect jaw case and nose housing. This feature creates a mandrel collection process that is much safer, making disposal easier and work areas cleaner. The Quick Disconnect feature of the POP ProSet 2500 is that it can adapt to practically any workstation environment due to the right or left 90-degree swivel. Also, the spring return of this tool ensures setting cycles are quick and reliable, therefore reducing operator cost.

The POP ProSet 3400 is another battery powered cordless riveter. This POP Riveter is a lightweight but durable tool solution used for structural blind rivets. This POP cordless riveter is equipped with exceptional strength and ergonomics that ensures high productivity with minimal installation costs. The POP ProSet 3400 has many other exclusive features including a durable brushless motor requiring limited maintenance, a rivet holding mechanism, a large capacity mandrel collector, as well as fast release nose housing.

Heavy-Duty Fasteners for Heavy-Duty Equipment

Stanley Engineered Fastening products are an ideal solution as heavy-duty fasteners are a must-have when it comes to constructing heavy-duty equipment such as that found in the bus and coach industry. Stanley Engineered Fastening is representative of one of the strongest and most varying portfolios of joining and fastening solutions globally. Avdel products such as the NeoBolt, Monobolt, and NeoSpeed Speed Fastening System are just some of the notable products used in the bus and coach industry.

The design and development of the Avdel Monobolt blind rivet has been created for applications where there is high demand for superior performance and safety necessities. These fasteners provide a visible lock with a fully sealed joint as they are multi-grip structural breakstem fasteners. Avdel Monobolt fasteners have a large gap closing ability and compensate for oversized, misaligned, irregular, or slotted holes. The Avdel Monobolt blind rivets have joints that are extremely strong and vibration resistant combined with high tensile and shear strength.

Consistent Extreme Power with Highly Durable and Reliable Tools from FEIN 

For more then 150 years, FEIN has been manufacturing tool solutions for many industrial applications. Applifast is a proud supplier of FEIN tooling solutions as FEIN continues to manufacture their products to a high standard, in turn creating tools that are extremely durable and reliable. These tooling solutions show their strong power in a variety of applications, one of which is the bus and coach industry. The FEIN SuperCut Automotive, for example, can remove urethane bonded glass not only quickly, but economically and reliably as well. FEIN tools have unmatched strength in bringing confidence to the user whether it is angle grinders, drills, screw guns, cordless drills, or random orbit sanders.

The FEIN cordless drill/driver with the highest performance is the ASCM 12 QC. This tool is four speed with a brushless motor and is powerful and maintenance free, creating a long service life and maximum efficiency. In first gear, the FEIN ASCM 12 QC will still cut threads efficiently and this tool also has optimum speeds used for self-drilling screws.

The FEIN cordless power drill with the highest quality is the FEIN Select + ABOP 10 Select. This tool has a high level of concentricity which makes drilling much more precise. It has exceptional speed stability making it extremely reliable for metal construction, such as in the bus and coach industry.  The FEIN BOP 10, another FEIN tool, is a power drive that is not only powerful, but compact and has a steady drilling capability as well, making it a practical choice in many applications. It can be used in installation work for tight corners and other locations as it has a very slim and flat design.

Innovation – One of Applifast’s Greatest Strengths 

Innovation is one of Applifast’s greatest strengths. New designs, new protocols, and new manufacturing processes are some reasons why Applifast is beckoned to these OEMs and their subcontracted manufacturing partners.

Special swivel heads and nose assemblies for hard-to-reach spots for fastener installation, tool torque audits, T-handle drills for floors, and decking applications are just a few examples of Applifast’s ingenuity being used everyday as a vital part of the bus and coach manufacturing processes. Sioux T-Handle Drills from Applifast are often utilized in industries to install wood or metal flooring, making short work of any decking application with their low rpm for higher driving and stall torque. When using a T-Handle drill, the operator stands up when drilling holes or installing self-drilling and/or self-tapping screws which helps to reduce stress on the operator’s back and arms. T-Handle drills offer exemplary ergonomic features to provide maximum comfort during operation. Applifast’s extensive lines of industrial power drills are engineered to make your job easier, safer and more efficient so you can easily stand up to today’s demanding industrial manufacturing, assembly, and finishing requirements.

Unparalleled Quality for the Bus and Coach Industry 

Applifast’s extensive selection of OEM fasteners and installation equipment is trusted by transit authorities, coach lines, owner operators, and collision/maintenance repair centres across all regions of North America. Contact Applifast, located in the capital of bus and coach manufacturing, for quality OEM brand tools and fasteners at 1 800 563 1293 or email [email protected].