Wera, as one of the largest screwdriver bit manufacturers worldwide, is licensed to produce the most popular screw profiles including TORQ-SET, Tri-Wing, TORX, TORX PLUS, Phillips, etc. And, by working directly with leading airplane manufacturers, Wera brings value to its customers – by developing and delivering tailored and economical solutions which help to reduce downtime, to improve efficiency and safety, and finally to reduce cost and boost competitiveness.

Wera bits are designed for professional applications in industry as well as in the trade. They enable higher torque transfer and typically have a long service life. Material and manufacturing expertise, established over decades, combined with sophisticated hardening technologies for the foundation upon which Wera premium quality is based.

Wera’s torque tools offer torque-controlled screw tightening so as to avoid damage to the screw or workpiece and to ensure the integrity of the screw connection. This makes work-intensive drilling-out of screws and unproductive downtimes a thing of the past.


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