Specialist and structural rivets, lockbolts, speed rivets, and engineered fasteners for specialized applications.

Avdel represents the broadest range of highly engineered structural blind fasteners available, ensuring customers are offered the most appropriate technology for their application.

Specialist & Structural Blind Riveting: World-renowned, premium-quality engineered fasteners for single-sided access.

Speed Fastening: High-speed, blind-sided assembly, offers benefits over conventional mechanical assembly.

Lockbolts: Structural vibration-resistant fasteners with high clamp load performance and multi-grip capabilities.

Blind Sealing Plugs: Efficient sealing performance in low- and high-pressure systems.

Blind Rivet Nuts: Avdel® blind rivet nuts provide a fast, reliable, and cost-effective method for inserting high-quality, load-bearing threads.

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