Industry Leader

47 Years

of Excellence

Government Certified

Controlled Goods Program


Industry Leader

47 Years

of Excellence

Government Certified

Controlled Goods Program


Since our inception in 1974, industries have faithfully depended on Applifast to provide expertise, value, and excellence. The testimonial recommendations and our distinguished reviews are confirmation Applifast does not just help you find the right tools for the job. We provide reliable ongoing care, making sure we are there to help whenever and wherever you need it. Our enthusiastic team is always ready to assist, bringing valuable experience and guidance for whatever your need may be. You will not find another team as dedicated or willing to help as ours.

We draw on our wealth of knowledge to offer you a range of options, to develop new solutions, and to work towards your ultimate success. We provide our customers with timely, accurate quotes and an extremely positive customer experience founded on decades of solid, transparent, and mutually beneficial business relationships.

Our product specialists take each unique production requirement into consideration, a selection of specific tools is thoroughly compared, and a solution is presented. Tool performance, ability to meet or exceed expected tolerances, ergonomics and maneuverability, balance and weight distribution, torque and force output, noise and vibration levels, required source to power the tool, and cost to operate and maintain the tool, are all factored into each tool recommendation. Each tool is tested in a simulated work environment to ensure it accurately performs each task as required.

Applifast welcomes the opportunity to build a lasting partnership with your company. Our staff carries the experience, knowledge, and quality products to achieve success. We are readily available to be contacted at 1 800 563 1293 or emailed at [email protected].

"Your expertise and support are an asset and are greatly appreciated. We thank you very much."

Manufacturing Engineering Specialist

"I appreciate your time Vern and thanks for getting back to me so quickly."

Agriculture Implement Manufacturer

"got the mats!! They are awesome. I really appreciate all your help I will probably order more (anti-fatigue mats)..."

Government of Canada

"Integrity and professionalism is the definition of working with Applifast. You are a world class distributor and company."

Power Tool Manufacturer

"Again Brian, I appreciate all that you have done! I will always recommend you and your team for projects moving forward, with customer assistance like this I’d be crazy not to. Thanks again"

Agriculture OEM

"Order received. Thank you for the prompt service, looking forward to do further business with you."

Air Ambulance Service Provider

"You guys rock!! Thanks for making me look better than I am."

An Applifast Distributor

"If no one has told you how wonderful you are, allow me! Thank you for your great attitude and professionalism. Always nice to work with you!"

Matting Manufacturer

"They are not only a supplier but also a wealth of knowledge."

Facilities Manager

"Hey Brian, it was an extreme pleasure to work with you. You are one of the best sales guys I have ever come across."

Vice President, Manufacturing

"Thank you so much for confirmation of our order and sending the hardware so quickly! We were at a standstill in our production, so we are greatly appreciative for the quick delivery!."


"It’s always a pleasure to work with Vern, Brian, Calvin, Trevor and the support staff from Applifast, they are true Champions of Professionalism, Integrity, Knowledge and always provide outstanding service to their Customers. They do it Right!"

Tool Manufacturer Rep