It’s inevitable – tools are complex machines that require scheduled maintenance throughout their operation. At times various components like gaskets, filters, gears, pins, etc. will fail with general use in production environments. Production Managers and operators fear a stalled production line or a job halted due to unforeseen circumstances. Have no fear – Applifast have factory authorized technicians to carry out your specific repair or service on all brands and tool types including Huck, Desoutter, Air Power, POP, Goebel and more. Applifast retains an extensive inventory of quality OEM replacement parts and components to enable tool repairs in a timely fashion.

Our skilled technicians will triage, diagnose and quote each downed tool, have the parts replaced to factory spec, and optimize their performance. The tools will be set up, bench tested and ready to be placed back into service – usually in a short period of time.

If you are requiring a tool repair ASAP, Applifast can expedite your request with their “next on bench service”. Contact our service department to reserve a time for your repair.

In some cases, unfortunately, unique parts may not be in stock and could have a longer lead time to obtain than expected – you may want to consider Applifast’s Tool Rental Program to keep your operation productive in the mean time. Applifast offers a range of tool rental solutions such as Huck 2025, Huck 256, POP540 as well as a diverse selection of nose assemblies such as 3/16″ C6L Nose Assembly, 3/8″ MG Nose Assembly, and 1/4″ MGL Nose Assembly.

Our knowledgeable tool specialists are at the ready for your tool repair needs. Find out more about our tool repair and maintenance service by contacting Applifast at 1 800 563 1293 or reaching out to us by email at

Authorized Service Centre for an extensive range of tool brands

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